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Abingdon, Poised to Lead Female Watch Performance Market with Rebrand

Previously known as The Abingdon Co., the brand unveils a reimagined look and purpose-led platform

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

The Abingdon Co. has a fresh new look and is excited to announce the next step in its evolution emerging as Abingdon. The new brand, which includes a new logo, watch designs, packaging, website, and imagery, has been designed to reflect the values of the company. Abingdon provides high-quality, purpose-built watches for women who do more. Every detail of an Abingdon watch from the hands on the dial to the buckle on the band is designed to help customers reach their goals. Abingdon continues to empower consumers with a strong focus on supplying the tools they need to succeed so they can climb, drive, fly, ride and discover.

“As we unveil the new look and feel of Abingdon, we embark on an exciting new chapter for the company with a refreshed essence that captures the powerful Crew Members that proudly wear our watches,” said Abingdon Mullin, Founder and CEO of Abingdon. “This is a special time for our company, and we see a bright future ahead.”

Abingdon Watches was first established in 2007 and will celebrate its 15-year anniversary in November. The reimagined brand work begins with a new logo inspired by the Valkyries of Norse mythology and brand colors that represent the environments of the customers who wear an Abingdon watch. A Valkyrie – the original aces of the sky – are female demigods who rode to the battlefield on horses wearing helmets and shields and, in some accounts, flew through air and sea. Abingdon’s new logo resembles the Valkyries’ golden helmets, symbolic of their power and virtue. “Abingdon customers, who are called “Crew Members,” are like demigods themselves,” Mullin adds. The new brand colors range from a vivid red-orange to hunter green and blue hues – a palette that reflects the settings of the Crew Members’ backdrops – land, sea, air, and the fire that burns within them, pushing them to greatness.

The new brand relaunch will be unveiled at a secret New York rooftop loft party October 21, 2022. Crew Members, partners of the brand, and media are slated to attend this exclusive event, which is being held on the evening of the first day of the 2022 Windup Watch Fair by Worn and Wound at the Altman Building in Manhattan, where Abingdon Co. is exhibiting and Abingdon, herself, will be a featured panelist in a discussion around niches and watches Saturday at 1 pm.

In tandem with the brand refresh, Abingdon will continue to empower and support generations of women through the Abingdon Foundation, providing scholarships, community outreach, and networking opportunities for women and girls in STEAM.

Those who purchase a watch become part of the Abingdon Crew and these fearless members do impressive things in remarkable places. A few notable Crew Members include Celebrity Cruise ship captain Kate McCue, Girls That Scuba founder, Sarah Richard and model/actress Eugenia Kuzmina. Celebrities including Laura Dern and Jasmine Davis have also been spotted wearing an Abingdon watch.

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Founded in 2006 and based in Las Vegas, Abingdon was realized during a roundtable conversation with energetic pilots and mechanics who expressed their desires for a fully functional aviator watch. Abingdon immediately became dedicated to developing top quality, fashionable, and versatile watches that meet the needs of all who do more. Abingdon watches are purpose-built and designed to withstand it all. All purchases benefit Abingdon Foundation, which supports women and girls in STEAM. For additional information, visit or follow along on Instagram and YouTube.