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African Pride Launches GROW Initiative as a Rallying Cry for Today’s African American Women

The platform will celebrate her unique individuality and expand the possibilities on her path of evolution, all while championing the L.O.C. method 

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African Pride, an award-winning haircare brand known for addressing the needs of all hair types with premium, natural ingredients, is proud to announce the launch of its new initiative, GROW – a platform that celebrates their core consumer’s unique individuality and expands the possibilities on her path of evolution.

“GROW is all about self-improvement, self-love, and self-care through the art of haircare. It’s a movement that connects minds and expands possibilities,” said Jazzmene Ford, Marketing Manager at African Pride. “We are committed to championing our consumer, women with coily hair, for the uniqueness they represent. Through GROW we will celebrate this beauty, build community, and pivot attention to the growth that comes from embracing your given curl patterns, career aspirations, and beyond. Because at African Pride, we understand that when she wins, we win and when she grows, we all grow.”

The initiative has kicked off with a campaign film to introduce GROW by African Pride and tell the story of how African Pride is there by her side at every stage of her evolution. The campaign will further come to life across paid and organic social media.

The brand has also partnered with top aspirational names across the category including celebrity wig & hair artist ambassador, Arrogant Tae, and influencer/entrepreneur, Kheris Rogers – who launched a clothing line with a mission to combat bullying when she was just 10 years old! These influential names will unveil GROW on social media via personal testimonials of their own growth and how-to product videos to further amplify efforts and reach the African Pride consumer where they are. Additional campaign activations include:

The GROW initiative ties into every coily women’s routine with the LOC method, a staple amongst the natural community. The LOC Method is a three-step process that helps improve moisture retention by layering products starting from the lightest density and building up to the heaviest. The method can be seamlessly achieved by African Pride’s powerhouse trio from their hero line, Moisture Miracle, designed to nourish and hydrate one’s natural texture: Moisture Miracle Coconut Milk & Honey Leave-In Conditioner, Baobab Oil Leave-In Cream, and 5 Essential Oils which will be launched as part of the initiative with a bundle deal on Amazon.

Come 2023, the GROW initiative will amplify via a partnership with a cause platform that champions career development, internships, and mentorship for the African American women. For more information on African Pride’s launch of the GROW Initiative and the African Pride brand or products visit and follow @MyAfricanPride on Instagram  and @MyAfricanPrideHair on Facebook.

For 30 years, African Pride has addressed the haircare needs of all hair types and textures whether natural or relaxed with brands like Black Castor Miracle, Moisture Miracle, Shea Miracle, Olive Miracle and Dream Kids. We believe in the unspoken power of a great hair day. The boost of energy that’s given when your beauty and confidence is intertwined should be accessible to all women. That’s why we created African Pride products with premium, natural ingredients at an affordable price to ensure that you’re less stressed about your hair and more focused on stepping into your best self.

For more information about the brand, visit, and tell us your hair story by engaging with us on social and using the hashtag #MyAfricanPride.