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Analysis: PatientPoint Education, Technology Proven to Increase Mammograms by 45 Percent

Leading point-of-care platform also driving increases in other vital health services

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

A new analysis reveals that PatientPoint locations featuring PatientPoint® breast cancer screening education on PatientPoint digital waiting room screens observed a 45 percent increase in mammography services compared with similar locations without PatientPoint solutions. Results of the analysis—which also measured the impact of PatientPoint education and technology on a host of other necessary health services—further confirm the proven, in-office impact of the industry-leading platform.

To measure the impact of PatientPoint health education and technology on mammography volume, PatientPoint compared mammography medical claims between a health system featuring PatientPoint breast cancer screening content on digital waiting room screens and a similar health system without PatientPoint content or screens. The 24-month pre-post, test-control analysis revealed that the health system featuring PatientPoint content in waiting rooms observed a 45 percent lift1 in mammography volume compared with the matched control health system.

Results of the analysis further confirm the proven, in-office impact of PatientPoint’s industry-leading platform.

“At PatientPoint, we strive to make every doctor-patient engagement better so people can live longer, healthier lives, and this analysis proves that we’re doing just that by empowering more women to get their annual mammogram that could end up saving their lives,” said PatientPoint Chief Provider Officer Chris Martini.

The mammography volume analysis was part of a larger PatientPoint study conducted to highlight the impact of the point-of-care leader’s in-office programs on patient adoption of necessary health services including colon cancer screening, flu vaccination, tobacco cessation counseling and STI screening. The medical claims data analysis conducted across nearly 27,000 locations in the PatientPoint network revealed that by leveraging PatientPoint no-cost technology and health education in their health system or practice, locations can expect a three percent increase in billable claims per health service2 .

“The results are clear—PatientPoint no-cost technology and education is proven to influence patient behavior, which leads to better patient outcomes and increased practice revenue,” said Martini. “We are encouraged by this data and look forward to continuing to partner with healthcare providers to help patients talk to their doctors, advocate for their health and get the necessary care they need—ultimately driving better outcomes for all.”

1Results of matched pair analysis using longitudinal patient medical claims. 12-month total impact measured at an OB-GYN focused health system with 28 locations averaging 4 HCPs each. Statistically significant @85%, p-value <0.14
2Results of matched pair analysis using longitudinal patient medical claims. Health services measured: colon cancer screening, breast cancer screening, STI screening, tobacco cessation counseling, flu vaccination. Statistically significant @95%, p-value <0.05

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