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Andis® Company Creator Series Celebrates Life-Changing Work of the Grooming Project

Brand’s Newest Installment Brings Focus to Kansas City Organization That Helps Struggling Parents Find Financial Stability Through Pet Grooming Andis®…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Brand’s Newest Installment Brings Focus to Kansas City Organization That Helps Struggling Parents Find Financial Stability Through Pet Grooming

Andis® Company, the leading barbering, styling and animal grooming tools brand dedicated to empowering professionals and consumers to create their way, is proud to announce the next installment of its Creator Series. Launching today, the latest episode focuses on the Grooming Project — a Kansas City 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers parents to overcome barriers to stable employment and find work in high-demand pet-related trades, from pet grooming to dog daycare and dog training.

“When the request for help with tools from The Grooming Project hit my inbox back in 2015, I knew this program was going to be different and that we had to get involved immediately. Given the impact they’ve had in turning people’s lives around, we’re incredibly proud to support their mission through the Andis Foundation and, now, this Creator Series Original,” said Matt K. Andis, co-CEO Andis Company.

Grooming is an in-demand profession in which individuals with barriers to stable employment – including domestic violence, addiction, criminal records and incomplete education – can find meaningful employment. The Grooming Project’s education-based approach empowers single parents in poverty by equipping them with valuable skills, but it also ensures that they focus on improving their family’s future through parenting and budgeting classes, mental health support, life skills courses, and other needed medical services by partnering with many local organizations.

“Create your way. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do for our students. Come in, learn how to groom dogs. They can open their own businesses, they can go work for somebody else, but most importantly, once they have that financial backing, they can create that path for their life,” said Natasha Kirsch, Founding CEO of The Grooming Project. “Our students are creating financial stability for their families. They’re creating a new cycle for their kids. Creating a whole new path.”

The Grooming Project is currently undergoing a massive physical expansion and a rebranding itself to “Pawsperity.” When the organization opens its 16,000-square-foot Kansas City facility in late 2022, it is expected to become the nation’s largest dog grooming school. Learn more about this groundbreaking organization at

“Working with The Grooming Project, now Pawsperity, is the perfect example of the transformative power of grooming. They teach the business and art of pet grooming to single parents, helping them to become self-reliant and create an entirely new future for their families,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis Company’s Vice President of Marketing. “Through our ongoing financial support from the Andis Foundation and this Creator Series Original feature, we want to illustrate to everyone that dog grooming can be literally life-changing. We know that other professional groomers and pet parents are going to be inspired by these students and their stories of hope.”

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