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Bellabeat Receives A 2022 MUSE Design Awards Winner for Product Design – Wearable Technologies

The complete list of Season 2 winners for the 2022 MUSE Creative and Design Awards has been officially announced by…

By Girl Power News , in News , at January 15, 2023

The complete list of Season 2 winners for the 2022 MUSE Creative and Design Awards has been officially announced by the International Awards Associate (IAA), marking the end of the 2022 competition. With well over 6,000 entries received from across the world, the MUSE Creative Awards and MUSE Design Awards resumed their mission to honor creative and design professionals’ excellence. For this competitive season, Bellabeat walks away with the Product Design – Wearable Technologies Silver Muse Design award in the competition. The winning work that seized the win was created by the company’s wearable health tracking bracelet for women- The Bellabeat Ivy. The Ivy was also recently announced as one of TIME’s Best Inventions in Wellness for 2022.

“At Bellabeat, we are known for the gorgeous and unique design of all our wearable products. We are consistently pushing the needle as we integrate wearable technology into everyday jewelry styles for the modern woman. The Ivy is the crown jewel and the most recent release in the Bellabeat catalog. It is a phenomenal honor that our dedication to design has garnered attention and won a Muse Design Award. States Urška Srsen, Co-Founder of Bellabeat.

“Our product development and design teams work tirelessly to ensure that our standards of functionality and appearance are far beyond any of our wearable competitors on the market. Our design also goes far beyond our wearables and into the aspect of our Bellabeat Mobile app. The app is designed as beautifully as the Ivy bracelet itself and completely adds to the appeal of our wearable health trackers for women. We thank the IAA team and judges for taking notice and awarding our work within the wearable technology industry,” states Sandro Mur, Co-Founder of Bellabeat

The Bellabeat Ivy stands out as a unique health tracker that is designed as an elegant bracelet. The wearable monitors and tracks a woman’s daily routine and her body’s bio-responses and correlates the data with her menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and other health data points such as symptoms or moods. All contribute to a complete understanding of her self-care effectiveness and overall health, including hormonal balance. With all data found within the Bellabeat mobile app, the Ivy also monitors the body’s reactions and daily habits continuously during the day and night through advanced sensors. In turn, providing women with a complete insight into the pace of life. The wearable bracelet also monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac coherence, and physical and mental activity. It can be used to monitor and track a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum depression symptoms, menopause symptoms, and more. The Ivy is one gem of a find available in 6 gorgeous colors and retailing at $249 on

The MUSE Awards are a series of competitions hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), an organization that has continuously strived to honor creatives and designers for their excellence, regardless of their background or experience in the field.

“The IAA team was caught off-guard by the works submitted for the second season of 2022’s MUSE Awards. These entries were truly astounding, and they certainly bring the level of competition up a notch,” Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA, noted. “It’s amazing as always to witness great works lined up in the competition. The team is absolutely in awe of the level of creativity and ingenuity that is in the industry.”

By inviting industry professionals to serve as the competition’s jury, IAA upheld their standards of impartiality and enforced industry standards as their assessment criteria. The jurors’ mission was to identify excellence and burgeoning talent amidst the myriad of entries submitted, which would serve as new benchmarks in their respective industries.

Grand Jury Panel Applications were received from as many as 38 countries, but ultimately, only 110 jurors were selected. These esteemed individuals are professionals belonging to renowned companies, representing the industry’s best of the best, such as Founder and Creative Director of RCBD – Ralph Christian Bremenkamp, CEO of Paolo Cappello Design Studio – Paolo Cappello, Design Manager at Lavazza – Florian Seidl, Creative Director of Kre8ive Partners – Mark Turner, 3D Senior Global Packaging Designer at Tom Ford Beauty – Jiaru Lin, Founder of CHAMPARTE – Catherine Yu, Director at DesignAware – Takbir Fatima, Founder / CCO of Cutwater – Chuck McBride, Founder / CEO of Genome – Matthew Fitz-Henry, Chief Creative Officer at White Rabbit Budapest – Levente Kovacs, Founder of AdvAge Advertising & NFT Cube Agency – Maria Afroditi Patsi, Managing Partner at Coley Porter Bell – Jenn Szekely, Marketing Manager & Account Executive at M&A Creative Agency – Carla Neves, and etc.

Each entry was judged using category-relevant industry standards. Blind judging was also employed to enforce impartiality. Under this approach, entries were evaluated independently without comparison to others. These measures were in place as IAA believes that all works that gain recognition should do so based on their own merits.

Bellabeat Inc. is a Silicon Valley company building tech-powered wellness products for women. The Bellabeat team previously released the disruptive Leaf health-tracking jewelry for women and the first smart water bottle powered by AI. Bellabeat is now revolutionizing the FemTech space by taking natural cycles into account when creating its guided programs and Ivy Smart Bracelet, helping women reach their health goals more effectively and enjoyably. In addition to being included within the TIME’s List of the Best Inventions of 2022, The Bellabeat Ivy has also won a Silver Muse Design Award for 2022. Visit for additional information.