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Best for the World™ B Corp Launches Community Fundraising Campaign

Parker Clay becomes the first B Corp in the world to raise capital in a community round, furthering their goals of community ownership and accountability

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 2, 2022

Today, Parker Clay becomes the first B Corp to raise capital in their community through a Regulation A+, empowering sustainable consumers to play a more direct role in shaping the future of fashion. The fashion industry is broken – but more invested consumers can change that. For decades, brands have prioritized faster, cheaper goods, at the expense of workers and our planet. But Parker Clay is proving that fashion doesn’t have to be that way. As more consumers question the ethics behind their purchases, the sustainable fashion industry has begun to skyrocket. Parker Clay is paving the way with a better model of making and shopping that works for everyone involved.

Parker Clay’s co-founder, Ian Bentley, shared, “We believe that creating better choices for consumers does not have to be complicated. Our business model began with a commitment to empowering women in Ethiopia with living wages, benefits, and more, and we’ve shown that this model is not an act of charity – it’s just good business in a world with increasingly mindful consumers. We’ve succeeded in making a better bag, in a way that’s better for the people who make it. Now it’s time to take that model to the world. We’re building the future of fashion in Africa, and we want our community to join us at the table as co-owners.”

Parker Clay’s co-founder, Ian Bentley, shared, “We’re building the future of fashion in Africa, and we want our community to join us at the table as co-owners.”

This community fundraising round will enable Parker Clay to expand production capacity, hire and create impact for more employees, and scale up their retail capacity and market share in the United States and internationally. New individual co-owners will also further the brand’s values of transparency, community responsibility, and public accountability.

In just over eight years, Parker Clay has already become the single largest exporter of leather goods in Ethiopia, while funding career training, financial literacy, and healthy lunch programs for its employees. Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and Africa is positioned to become the global manufacturing hub of the future. Parker Clay is laying the foundations for that manufacturing boom to be more sustainable, more ethical, and more impactful for all stakeholders.

In building the future of fashion, consumers no longer have to hope that brands will make good choices. With community fundraising, they can join Parker Clay and build the future they want to see. You can learn more and invest in Parker Clay today at

Parker Clay crafts premium leather bags and other goods that provide dignified employment and uplift women out of exploitation. As consumers continue to demand details of their purchase journey, Parker Clay shares the hours of equitable employment created with each purchase so customers can fully understand the difference they’re making. Parker Clay believes that a better process and better bag leads to a better world. Parker Clay is available for purchase at and in stores across the country.

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