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Black Women Find Renewal, Fun, and New Experiences In Gettysburg

Patricia Green married Bob Rodgers in 2017 and moved to his farm in Littlestown, PA. Friends questioned how she, a…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Patricia Green married Bob Rodgers in 2017 and moved to his farm in Littlestown, PA. Friends questioned how she, a Black woman, would adjust to living in Adams County, a small, mainly rural, area of Pennsylvania where Whites are 88.1% of the population and Blacks 1.5%. Patricia, a global citizen, didn’t anticipate roadblocks. As the owner of a public relations agency, Patricia felt there were no cultural or communications challenges that she could not overcome. Yet, when she attended a meeting, and a woman asked if she was in the wrong place, Patricia understood the message was not welcoming.

Not allowing that less than warm welcome to deter her, Patricia immersed herself in the community. Her background in public relations, where maintaining connections is critical, helped. The quaint small-town flavor was appealing. Unique shops and eateries were inviting. The serenity enhanced mind, body, and spirit wellness. Then came the aha moment: to share great things about Gettysburg with her Black female friends. Thus, came the birth of “When Sistas Gather”. The location: Keystone Inn, a Black-owned bed and breakfast in Gettysburg.

Patricia hosted gatherings in August and September, and 40 attended. Coupled with their Keystone Inn stay, Patricia selects stores and restaurants that she frequents, including Lark, Lele B’s Boutique, Adams County Winery, and Mason Dixon Distillery. Each group enjoyed the experience, saying businesses were welcoming. Blacks patronize businesses that give them a feeling of comfort.

Narratives that speak to Black contributions to Gettysburg are a selling point for attracting Black traveler segments. The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest battles on American soil; the weakening of Confederate troops marked a turning point in the Civil War. Black local historian and community tour guide for “When Sistas Gather,” Jean Howard Green, speaks of Basil Biggs. One of Gettysburg’s most famous Civil War Era residents, Basil Biggs was a veterinarian and the only Black commissioned to bury the dead. A picture of him and his wife appears in one of Keystone Inn’s guest rooms.

Trying something new can be adventurous. “When Sistas Gather” offers Black women an enjoyable weekend experience, fun and new friendships, and knowledge of the Black imprint on Gettysburg. To learn about Patricia, visit