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Bonfire Offers 100 Women Free Professional Development

When companies cut back, Bonfire steps up Women’s talent accelerator Bonfire Women is offering its six-month leadership training program free…

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

When companies cut back, Bonfire steps up

Women’s talent accelerator Bonfire Women is offering its six-month leadership training program free to 100 mid-career professional women in career transition.

In response to corporate layoffs and economic upheaval over the past several years, talent accelerator Bonfire Women is offering 100 free seats in its six-month professional development program to women in career transition. Bonfire works with employers to offer professional development to women leaders on the rise. The 100 free seats are a departure, allowing women everywhere to enroll in Bonfire programming directly at no cost, without assistance from an employer.

“In the wake of the pandemic, which drove millions of women out of the workforce—some of whom haven’t yet returned—and the shifting landscape of work, there are numerous women in transition right now considering their next move professionally,” said Bonfire co-founder Suzanne Muchin.

Women’s accelerator program offers key training sessions for women to get back in the game

“Some may be re-entering the labor market; others may be navigating a job change or honing new skills. Bonfire’s mission is to give women a true sense of agency at work, and we feel a sense of responsibility to the market that we serve. Not everyone has access to executive coaching or employer-sponsored professional development. This is an avenue for women of all backgrounds and industries to tap into leadership training and networking that could supercharge their careers and amplify their impact in the workplace.”

To apply for a free Bonfire seat, women need only fill out a short online questionnaire. Women of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, as well as people who exist outside of the gender binary. Women across the world can attend the virtual leadership development sessions. Bonfire is particularly seeking mid-career women in transition with eight to 15 years of experience, but that guideline is not etched in stone.

“Forget the rules. Women with less than eight years of work experience, if you believe you’re a fit for a Bonfire seat, apply. Tell us your story. We’re ready to listen. Don’t hold back,” Muchin said. “At Bonfire, we believe in disrupting the established order, changing the rules, to create equality at work. That thinking permeates everything we do.”

Applicants may select their preferred cohort—2023 cohorts launch in January, April, July and October. The immersive program involves monthly All Rise Trainings, which bring together the entire cohort for essential skills training; monthly small groups meetings; a digital classroom for independent learning; and virtual community building events. Monthly All Rise Trainings occur from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Central time. In all, Bonfire participants should expect to spend about six to eight hours per month on the program.

For most, the time commitment is manageable, and the payoff is massive. Bonfire’s curriculum helps participants clarify their personal values, identify their native gifts and shape their purpose for life and work. Bonfire taps women’s unique power to shape the workplace of the future.

“There’s a powerful collective dynamic in the program that tends to persist well after a cohort ends,” said Douglas Trudeau, vice president of growth at Bonfire. “Bonfire members tell us that the sense of community and connection they develop with fellow participants is invaluable and leads to opportunities, allies and deep relationships.”

To apply for one of the free seats in Bonfire, visit

Bonfire Women is a distinctive talent development accelerator that equips women on the rise with the confidence to disrupt the workplace so it works for all.  Founded in 2019 by Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin, Bonfire has helped 3,500+ women realize their own potential and ignite a culture where All Rise. Its six-month proprietary curriculum, developed by experts and thoughts leaders, helps employers engage and empower diverse talent. For more information, visit

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