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Brave Healer Productions Announces Publication of The Energy Medicine Solution

The Amazon best-seller is aimed at readers who feel let down by the medical system and seek alternative modalities Brave…

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 2, 2022

The Amazon best-seller is aimed at readers who feel let down by the medical system and seek alternative modalities

Brave Healer Productions is proud to announce the publication of its latest Amazon best-seller, The Energy Medicine Solution: Mind Blowing Results for Living an Extraordinary Life.

With lead author Jacqueline M. Kane., RT, LMT, EFT, at the helm and featuring chapters and personal stories by 25 healers and energy practitioners, the new book provides readers with modalities they can use if they feel like they have been let down by medical providers who failed to hear them or adequately address their physical pains.

In the book’s introduction, Kane writes: “This book is filled with stories of people experiencing pain relief using powerful tools and techniques.” These techniques are ones that “your doctor isn’t telling you about,” she says.

Kane is a master energy healer who shares a technique she used to stop the repetitive strain pain she experienced with her work as a massage therapist. The book also contains chapters on Feng Shui healing, a two-minute reiki meditation technique, herbs and teas that boost immunity, healing chronic gut pain and ramping up one’s psychic intuition for healing.

In addition to Kane, the book contains the stories and advice of Mandy Pullen Barr, Kathy Boyer, Edward Cleveland, Michelle Clifton, Elizabeth Waugh Duford, Erika Dworkin, Dr. Edward L. Frey, Vera Halina, Alana Heim, Rev. Evangeline Hemrick, Constance Koch, Sunshine Layne, Sandra Lee, Beth Manning, Carolyn McGee, Pat McGrath, Dr. Makeba Morgan Hill, Lori Pieper, Theresa Pride, Lisa G Roche, Denise M. Simpson, Trudy M. Rouillard-Soole, Christine Badalamenti Smith, and Bradford W. Tilden.

Praise for The Energy Medicine Solution

The Energy Medicine Solution landed in my lap at the perfect time. I had been experiencing significant physical pain that just wouldn’t budge with my go-to remedies of diet, exercise, and acupuncture. This engaging book provided the missing pieces to my healing toolbox. Just reading the personal stories and practicing the variety of tools gave me instant physical relief! I was shocked, and of course, delighted.” — Linda Albright, founder, Women’s Wealth Revolution

“This book is a true gift to the world. It is like you are having a private conversation with 25 amazing healers sharing their most powerful and effective healing modalities with you so you can forever heal the emotional and physical pain that has taken over your life.” — AmondaRose Igoe, speaker, success strategist

The daunting aspect of embarking on any type of spiritual journey and healing is learning how to begin. The Energy Medicine Solution solves that by introducing clear techniques and guidance for the seeker to employ immediately.” — Dr. Kimberly Kos-Williams

Jacqueline M Kane is a master energetic healer who guides women to uncover their hidden energetic and karmic blocks that keep them in physical, emotional, and financial pain. With over 20 years in private practice as a healer and over 35 years in health care, Jacqueline has merged her innate wisdom with a multitude of healing modalities, including Bowenwork, emotional freedom technique, evolutionary meditation, soul clearing, and more to create unique, results-oriented methods for healing.

Brave Healer Productions specializes in book publishing and business strategy for healers. It has published 50 Amazon best-selling books, among them the series The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing. The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, and The Ancestors Within.

A full list of services offered by Brave Healing Productions can be found here.

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