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Chill Medicated Breaks Barriers as the First Cannabis Brand to Officially Sponsor 2023 WCLO Championship in Round Rock, Texas

Chill Medicated, a cannabis brand dedicated to destigmatizing the plant and promoting its potential for “athlete wellness and recovery,” has…

By Girl Power News , in News , at May 1, 2023

Chill Medicated, a cannabis brand dedicated to destigmatizing the plant and promoting its potential for “athlete wellness and recovery,” has announced its sponsorship of the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Organization championship in Round Rock, Texas. This historic sponsorship makes Chill Medicated the first cannabis brand to sponsor a nationally recognized sports tournament, following the recent national lift of cannabis restrictions in several sporting leagues.

This year, the WCLO National championship will run concurrently with the MCLA championship, held at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex. Games will begin Wednesday, May 10th and a champion will be crowned on Friday, May 12th. The WCLO is composed of nearly 100 non-varsity collegiate teams. For their inaugural season, the tournament will feature the top premier teams across the WCLO: 4 Automatic Qualifier bids and 4 At-Large bids.

Chill Medicated offers a curated collection of all-natural topical body rubs and tincture syrups that provide reliable relief for pre-game prep and post-game recovery. Their CBD rubs are a natural alternative to traditional pain relief methods and have gained popularity among athletes. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in the plant that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate pain, inflammation, and other bodily functions. Chill Medicated offers CBD rubs that are non-transdermal, designed to provide fast-acting relief for sore muscles and joints, reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, and come in a variety of essential-oil based fragrances without the high.

MEDfarms CEO Brandon Dabish expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to promote better means of well-being and rehabilitation for athletes across the country through their 501(c)(3) partnership. “Working with nonprofit organizations is very important to Chill Medicated as we are striving to create better days and elevate the wellness of those suffering from pain and inflammation. Our goal with this sponsorship is to educate consumers on how plant-based products can better benefit them over chemical-based products that are overly available in the current market,” he said. Dabish added that Chill Medicated considers themselves blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the cannabis industry for the sole purpose of helping others. “Made with care and created with a purpose,” he said.

MEDfarms Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Towbey Kassa, the collaboration between the two organizations is personal. “Bringing these two organizations together are near and dear to me personally as I have suffered from injuries and pain throughout my years of playing and coaching lacrosse,” he shared. “My father, a non-athlete suffering from severe arthritis, uses this CBD topical and it has been a heartwarming journey to watch his quality of life increase with his consistent use of the rub.” Kassa emphasized the importance of educating individuals on plant-based wellness. He added, “Sports officials, even though they are not competitors, also put wear and tear on their bodies, suffering from multiple ailments, being able to provide for them is impactful to say the least.” Sitting on the board for the WCLO as director of marketing, he holds over 30 years of experience in the sport. He was the captain and president for the Oakland University Men’s Lacrosse program and coached the Women’s Oakland University Lacrosse program.

The WCLO is an independently run organization consisting of non-varsity college lacrosse teams and leagues, with a governing structure similar to the NCAA, eligibility rules, national and league awards, polls, and championship tournaments at the league and national levels. The event will not only showcase the talent of the participating teams but also promote the use of CBD for athlete wellness and recovery. WCLO President, Jen Kramer, is excited to be a part of growth for non-varsity collegiate lacrosse, “These ladies and coaches have been working so hard all year to compete at this event. We are excited to create an event that showcases the talent and gives exposure to these athletes. We want to provide a competitive environment and an amazing experience that they won’t forget!”

Chill Medicated is proud to be a part of this historic event and looks forward to promoting plant-based wellness and athlete recovery at the WCLO National championship.

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