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Cycle-Based Femtech Startup “28” Announces New Headquarters in Miami

“28” redefines menstrual health by syncing fitness, nutrition, and mental health with a woman’s natural cycle

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Femtech startup 28, which has raised $3.2 million in seed funding, today announced the opening of its new headquarters in Miami Beach. The cycle-based fitness and wellness platform plans to begin aggressive hiring throughout the local Miami job market for all sectors of the company.

28 is the world’s first hyper-personalized, cycle-based fitness and holistic wellness experience for women that provides free daily streaming exercises and nutrition profiles designed for hormone health, and science-based emotional insights into yourself, your relationships, and your work. These elements are tailored to the user’s current physical and emotional state, based on the fluctuation’s women experience throughout the four phases of their cycle.

“There’s a major cultural shift happening, a new and powerful revolution as millions of young women ditch hormonal birth control due to the negative impact on their health,” says Brittany Hugoboom, co-founder of 28. “For years, these women have been stuck in the passenger seat of their own bodies, unaware of how their cycle really works or how their hormones impact everything from their skin to their weight, mental health, and menstruation. Today, 28 puts women in the driver seat, enabling them to reclaim control of their bodies and truly thrive, and we’re happy to be in a city that embraces just that”

Hugoboom is proud to have established 28’s headquarters in the beautiful city of Miami. As Miami has been thriving as an epicenter of health and wellness, Hugoboom has been excited to find additional talented team members to contribute to 28’s passionate mission.

doing so from the Magic City.”

The team includes celebrity trainers, holistic doctors, functional nutritionists, and seasoned executives from some of the biggest fitness companies in the world, and they are proud to announce that 28 will cost nothing for women.

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About 28: 28 is a femtech company by women for women that delivers a hyper-personalized, first-of-its-kind, feminine fitness and holistic wellness experience (via site and mobile app), powered by custom technology and each user’s natural cycle. They provide world-class, customized streaming workouts, nutrition profiles designed for hormone health, and science-based insights tailored to users’ current emotional state and hormonal cycle. 28 is a movement to lead women towards happier, healthier lives, calling for women to reclaim control of their bodies in the most natural way possible.