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Daughters for Earth announces funding for 26 women powered projects to protect and restore the Earth

Over $600,000 in new grants will support women-led and operated initiatives in 17 countries on the frontlines of climate action; total 2022 giving now at $1.2m to 50 projects

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

“These 26 women-led, and operated efforts are working on the frontlines of the climate crisis, deploying proven solutions and pioneering deeply collaborative efforts to protect and restore the Earth,” said Zainab Salbi, co-founder of Daughters for Earth and founder of Women for Women International. “Led by brilliant, strong women, these projects are helping to build a community of women who are critical to solving the climate crisis and healing our one and only home.”

With the COP 27 and Convention on Biological Diversity now concluded, the urgent conversations surrounding the future of our Earth and the solutions to its protection are growing louder. Nearly 70% of scientists from around the world concluded that protecting and conserving 50% of Earth’s lands and seas is critical to solving the climate and biodiversity crises. Daughters for Earth has entered those conversations with a fierce belief in human-led solutions that can be implemented immediately, that are science-based, and that are women-powered.

Working closely with the 50+ members of the Daughters for Earth Advisory Circle and One Earth to identify and select grantees, Daughters for Earth supports women-led or operated projects in three key areas: Nature Conservation, the Restoration of our Lands and Seas, and Regenerative Agriculture. Through this round of grantmaking, Daughters for Earth expanded their geographic diversity and included efforts to protect and restore our oceans, coastal zones, and freshwater ecosystems.

“Women-led and operated projects and organizations need money. We can’t just stand back and just cheer them on from afar, without providing tangible support to back them up,” said Salbi.

Learn more about the grantees below.

The projects are in the following countries: USA, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Mozambique, Kenya, Somalia, Ecuador, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Canada, and Indonesia.  

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