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Dr. Doug’s Offers Organic Skincare Solutions for a New Mom

From Stretch Marks to Better Sleep, Dr. Doug’s Skincare Products Ease the Transition to Motherhood

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The transition to motherhood is exciting, exhilarating, and deeply rewarding — but it isn’t easy. New moms face plenty of challenges as they adjust to their fresh parenting life. These struggles span the gamut, from lack of sleep to high levels of stress and a host of physical adjustments as their bodies return to a state of normalcy. In addition, many new mothers face an uphill battle as they strive to manage things like stretch marks and skin tightening.

As new moms navigate this transition, it’s helpful to have the right tools on hand to help. Dr. Doug’s Balms has created a range of all-natural, organic skincare solutions, many of which are ideal during the early stages of motherhood.

For instance, Dr. Doug’s Magnesium Balm can help with several common issues. It can naturally promote better sleep due to its inclusion of topical magnesium. In addition, the balm can improve skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks. Some of its benefits even extend back to the later stages of pregnancy. The balm can gently help with things like migraines and restless legs — both of which can factor into the third trimester.

Dr. Doug’s Recovery Balm is another great skincare solution a young mother should have on hand. The non-toxic, all-natural solution sports many of Dr. Doug’s simple yet staple skincare ingredients, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and vitamin E. On top of that, soothing Arnica Montana is combined with magnesium chloride. This provides an extra dose of naturally potent pain relief that can help with bruising, swelling, joint pain, body aches, and even overall skin quality.

There are many harrowing moments in a young mother’s life — but caring for her skin shouldn’t be one of them. Dr. Doug’s makes it easy to manage many of the common challenges of early parenthood, from stretch marks to stress relief, better sleep, and more.

About Dr. Doug’s Balms: “Dr. Doug” Strobel and Natalie Gardner co-founded Dr. Doug’s Balms in Carmel, Indiana in 2016 after finding smashing success with their original “Miracle Balm” solution. The brand’s growing line of skincare products continues to wow customers as it faithfully delivers on its promise to “protect, heal, and restore.” Learn more about the company’s growing collection of skincare products at