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Drs. Jenn Conti, Heather Irobunda and Jennifer Lincoln launch Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice to share stories of harm happening in post-Roe America

Multicultural OBGYN advocates amplifying stories to keep reproductive justice in the forefront

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It’s been almost three months since Roe v. Wade has been overturned. While many in states with restrictive  abortion are adjusting to their “new normal,” multicultural OBGYNs Drs. Jenn Conti, Heather Irobunda and Jennifer Lincoln are just getting started, and they’re not giving up the fight.

Today, they announce the launch of their organization Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice (ORJ), an organization that works to share the stories of the real-time harm happening to patients and providers in post-Roe America. ORJ will travel to communities where their presence is needed to bring financial and logistical support as well as education, and by amplifying stories in traditional and social media keeping reproductive justice in the forefront. ORJ’s pilot trip is taking place this weekend in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, a location with some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

Drs. Conti, Irobunda and Lincoln are nimble, bold, and in positions of power as reproductive health experts in protected states – and they are ready to act.

“We’re hearing from our colleagues and from people all over the country who have been harmed by the assault on our reproductive freedoms. We’re now entering the fight – because who else better to do it than a group of pissed off OBGYNs?” says Drs. Conti, Irobunda and Lincoln.

ORJ has three goals:

Drs. Jenn Conti, Heather Irobunda and Jennifer Lincoln are trusted OBGYNs active in advocacy with a combined 3.5 million followers on social media, and a track record of going viral and making change happen. Dr. Conti, of Stanford, Calif, is a complex family planning physician, author and medical journalist; Dr. Irobunda is a Bronx, NY-based OBGYN medical advisor and writer; and Dr. Lincoln, from Portland, Ore., is a OB Hospitalist, author, and founder of, a hub for education on simple steps folks can take to control their reproductive freedom.

To join the fight and learn more, visit and follow them on Twitter: @OBs4RJ.