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Eco Wave Power’s CEO Inna Braverman to Speak at the Jerusalem Post’s Women Leaders Summit Alongside Israel’s Most Influential Women in Politics & Business

Eco Wave Power Global AB (publ) (Nasdaq Capital Market: WAVE) (“Eco Wave Power” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Inna Braverman,…

By Girl Power News , in News , at March 1, 2023

Eco Wave Power Global AB (publ) (Nasdaq Capital Market: WAVE) (“Eco Wave Power” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Inna Braverman, the Company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will speak at The Jerusalem Post‘s Women Leaders Summit on February 22, 2023, in Tel Aviv, Israel. The summit will bring together some of Israel’s most influential and accomplished women in business, technology, and government to share their insights and experiences.

As a leading expert in renewable energy and a successful entrepreneur, Ms. Braverman will share how she founded Eco Wave Power and developed a breakthrough technology that harnesses the energy of ocean and sea waves to generate clean electricity. Her talk will provide insights into the challenges and opportunities of leading a sustainable business in today’s world.

Ms. Braverman is joined by an impressive lineup of speakers, including other accomplished leaders in the fields of technology, business, and politics:

The Women Leaders Summit is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most successful and innovative women and hear the personal stories of how they broke the glass ceiling in their respective industries.

In 2022, Inna Braverman was on the cover story for the Jerusalem Post‘s annual “Women” issue. Additionally, the newspaper ranked her as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the 2020 list.

Ms. Braverman will speak in a “New energy- solving the climate crisis” panel at 8:35 PM Israel Standard Time, alongside Danielle Bitton, Owner of E.D.I Energy and Lilach Luzzatto, Head of Engineering and Medical Devices in the Luzzatto Group.

The panel discussion will be moderated by the Managing Editor of – the Jerusalem Post Website – Tamar Uriel-Beeri.

“The key to success is having the courage to take risks and the determination to never give up,” said Ms. Braverman, who had founded Eco Wave Power when she was just 24 years old. “I am honored to partner with and speak at this important conference, and to have the opportunity to share my experiences, insights, and advice with the next generation of female leaders.”

The Women Leaders Summit will take place on February 22, 2023 at 6 PM Israel Standard Time and will be held at Habait Hayarok in Tel Aviv. To purchase tickets for the summit, or to join the event remotely, please visit the following website: (this link does not constitute a part of this press release).

About Eco Wave Power Global AB (publ)

Eco Wave Power is a leading onshore wave energy technology company that developed a patented, smart and cost-efficient technology for turning ocean and sea waves into green electricity. Eco Wave Power’s mission is to assist in the fight against climate change by enabling commercial power production from the ocean and sea waves.

The Company is currently finalizing the construction of its grid connected project in Israel, with co-investment from the Israeli Energy Ministry, which recognized the Eco Wave Power technology as “Pioneering Technology” and will soon commence the installation of its newest pilot in AltaSea’s premises in the Port of Los Angeles. The Company also holds concession agreements for commercial installations in Europe and has a total projects pipeline of 404.7MW.

Eco Wave Power received funding from the European Union Regional Development Fund, Innovate UK and the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework program. The Company has also received the “Global Climate Action Award” from the United Nations.

Eco Wave Power’s American Depositary Shares (WAVE) are traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

Read more about Eco Wave Power at Information on, or accessible through, the websites mentioned above does not form part of this press release.

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