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Entrepreneur Jasmine Mitchell to Launch Revolutionary “Influence-Her Summit” Inspired by Followers, Craving Treats and Business Tips

Viral Social Media Influencer, Pastry Chef unveils the highly anticipated event for entrepreneurial women to learn, network, and indulge in…

By Girl Power News , in News , at January 15, 2023

Viral Social Media Influencer, Pastry Chef unveils the highly anticipated event for entrepreneurial women to learn, network, and indulge in business and delicious treats!

Jasmine Mitchell, the founder of J.Carmel’s pastry shop, is hosting nationwide pop-ups to help entrepreneurial women succeed in business. She’s hosting the Influence-Her Summit, a networking event for businesswomen to celebrate the release of her new cookbook, “All Things Cake, Your Guide to Creating Cakes That Will be the Life of the Party.”

“Sharing my recipes that have gone viral and how I grew my business is important to me. I want others to succeed, and there’s room for all of us at the success table. When I planned the Influence-Her Summit, I collaborated with experts to address and remove the online business roadblocks women face. The Influence-HER Summit is a business networking event to promote their confidence,” said Jasmine Mitchell, Founder & CEO of J.Carmel’s.

Mitchell said, “I’ve had tremendous business growth over the last year on social media and in real life, but what good is growth if you can’t bring other women along with you?”

Today, attendees can register for the exclusive Influence-Her Summit by visiting J.Carmel’s Instagram for upcoming events, product launches, and collaborations. To learn more visit

The cookbook features viral dessert recipes from J.Carmel’s Instagram account, including the famous Peach Cobbler Pound Cake. Mitchell wants to help other women succeed and remove online business roadblocks.

Inspired by the followers of the J.Carmel brand, the launch of the cookbook and the Influence-Her Summit came as women own *42% of all U.S. businesses, nearly 13 million, according to Incfile. In addition, a *Harvard Business Review report recently found that *17% of Black women are starting or running new businesses, and J.Carmel is here to help. The January event brings Growth, Branding, Business, Marketing, and Confidence to get started while networking with experienced power players in the room.

J.Carmels is a Belleville, Michigan-based pastry shop whose viral desserts lead almost 100,000 home-based bakers to make tasty and beautiful treats confidently. To learn how to bake desserts that are the life of the party, or grow your business through social media, follow her on Instagram.

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