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Esōes Cosmetics Smart Safety Beauty Products Now Available for Pre-Sale

The Las Vegas-based social enterprise is launching a Lipstick Revolution, empowering lipstick wearers to take back girls’ night out, date…

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

The Las Vegas-based social enterprise is launching a Lipstick Revolution, empowering lipstick wearers to take back girls’ night out, date night, and fun

Esōes Cosmetics is launching the first patent-pending Liquid Lipstick with smart safety features all within the Bluetooth connected product. With the first lipsticks set to ship in early 2023, five different shades of Esōes Cosmetics’ Liquid Lipstick are now available for presale at

With the goal of keeping people safe, this innovative product combines lipstick and technology to help wearers stay safe from date rape drugs, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
“Today, we are facing statistics of nearly one in five women having experienced completed or attempted rape in their lifetime. Every 68 seconds a woman is assaulted. One in four women have been subjected to sexual violence at least once in their lifetime, and 5 percent of all sexual assault victims tested positive for a ‘date rape’ drug,” Joy Hoover, Esōes Cosmetics CEO, Inventor, and Co-Founder relayed. “We are here to change those statistics! With safety features hidden within each product, we hope everyone will join our Lipstick Revolution and help us protect and support lipstick wearers across the globe!”

So how does a lipstick keep someone safe?

Each stick of Esōes Liquid Lipstick covertly holds two test strips and a Bluetooth enabled button. With just one drop of any beverage (alcoholic or not), the test strip will detect for the presence of Benzodiazepines – the commonly used date rape drugs like Rohypnol, Ativan, Xanax, and Klonopin – while the Bluetooth enabled button connects to the Esōes Cosmetics app, offering a customizable safety plan for each user.

Press the button on the bottom of the lipstick tube once, and it can send a location to a friend. Push it twice, it will send a pre-saved message; push it three times, and it can call 911, start recording, or one of 15 different safety features that each consumer can customize to what their safety looks like.

With five distinct Liquid Lipstick colors – No Means No Red, Hell Yes Purple, It’s Not the Dress Nude, Shine On Clear Gloss, and We Believe You Coral Gloss – there’s a shade perfect for any lipstick wearer out there.

Esōes Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks are now available for pre-sale. To purchase and for more information visit follow along @esoescosmetics.

Esōes Cosmetics is an ecosystem of solutions anchored in patent pending products and community outreach. We prevent violence by introducing new users to Esōes and we support our consumers through their healing journey’s. Our three pillars are: innovative smart safety cosmetics, a responsive giving model, & education. Join our lipstick revolution and let’s change the statistics!

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