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Forever Changing the Female Headwear Market, VimHue Announces Their Patented Women’s Baseball Caps That Are Engineered to Empower

VimHue is a woman-owned company that produces high quality headwear for women. VimHue’s patented headwear designs are scientifically engineered to…

By Girl Power News , in News , at November 10, 2022

VimHue is a woman-owned company that produces high quality headwear for women. VimHue’s patented headwear designs are scientifically engineered to provide the best fit possible for the female head while allowing the wearer to choose the hairstyle of her liking, including a high ponytail and/or bun. Produced with feather-weight & sweat wicking, UPF 50+ material, VimHue has created the ultimate performance cap for women.

The VimHue Mission:

The future in female headwear is here and engineered by women for women. Our published patent designs offer women and girls: stylish, moisture wicking, sun-protective, fitted athletic caps. We’ve created the first and only cap that is built to adjust to the wearer’s variable hairstyles. Every detail of our caps is specifically purposed for the female athlete. Our goal is to keep her cool, comfortable, and confident along her journey. VimHue represents an evolution in female athletic gear.


VimHue founder, Katy Craft-Lim, created VimHue caps out of her own frustration for the male-centric headwear market. For years, she searched for a cap that not only properly fit her head but also allowed her to secure her hair off the nape of her neck so she could perform her best during sports and physical activity. She realized that such a cap did not exist and that women were merely an afterthought in the male-dominated cap market. That’s when Katy decided to create her own line of athletic caps with specifically women in mind.

Utilizing her education in the medical field, Katy created a brand-new cap mold in which each panel is a different size in order to mimic the female anatomy and provide the best fitting female cap possible. She also wanted to break the barriers of traditional ball caps that force women to wear their hair in low ponytails that are uncomfortable and not functional for the woman athlete. Katy’s innovative designs adjust to the wearer’s hair preference and can accommodate low, middle, or high ponytails or buns, empowering women to feel comfortable in their own skin while reaping the benefits of a sun protective, sweat wicking athletic cap.

VimHue’s Most Popular Products:

VimHue’s ingenious caps for women feature two best-selling designs: The Sun Goddess and the X-Boyfriend. The Sun Goddess name is coined from its back design that resembles a sunburst and features a moveable center ring that can be pulled up to allow middle and low ponies or pulled down to allow high ponytail options. The Sun Goddess allows optimum adjustability without compromising fit, function, and style. It is made with featherweight material that is so light, you will forget you are wearing it. Skin protection is at the forefront of VimHue’s pursuit and all of their caps are made with UPF 50+ material that is cooling and moisture wicking.

The X-Boyfriend features a sleek and contemporary design with adjustable crisscross straps that can be tightened or relaxed so the wearer can achieve their most comfortable fit. This design allows both low and high ponytail and/or bun options while providing VimHue signature featherweight & sweat wicking, UPF 50+ material.

Where to find VimHue:

VimHue caps have been featured in ENews, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Golf Digest. They are sold in over 2,500 green grass and sports clubs and can be found in retailers such as Scheels, PGA Tour Super Store, Von Maur, and World Wide Golf.

Visit their site: and shop their collection of quality headwear for women.

Katy Craft-Lim 
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