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Fuel the Freedom of Radical Self-Expression at 404™ Burning Man Campaign

Free coupons, podcasts, social media posts, and unique fashion labels are part of a 404 campaign to support Burning Man and its artists that also adhere to the philosophies of self-expression and creativity.

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Free coupons, podcasts, social media posts, and unique fashion labels are part of a 404 campaign to support Burning Man and its artists that also adhere to the philosophies of self-expression and creativity.

After a two-year Covid hiatus, Burning Man is back starting August 28 when thousands gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, which is a haven for non-conformists.

The temporary metropolis is dedicated to creativity, community, art, radical self-expression, and self-reliance.

“That spirit of expression, creativity, diversity, and inclusivity is what 404 designer labels are all about,” said 404 chief branding officer Charles Wang. “We’ve selected four incredible playa artists at the event to support through donations at our Burning Man campaign.”

About 40 percent of those attending Burning Man are there for the philosophical concept of self-expression. However, 25 percent think they can’t adhere to this philosophy because it’s too difficult to practice daily.

“However, it’s easy for everyone to express their inner creativity with 404 unique fashion designer labels. These wardrobe pieces use unconventional fabrics and prints created for any party or rave scenario, that can reignite the passion for unapologetic showmanship,” said Wang.

At the same time, these labels are more affordable than high-end luxury, but are still designed strategically. These creative and passionate designers have dedicated their lives to their brand. They probe deeply into the relationships between the wearer, identity, realness, and performance.

Designer label Embryo, dreams of never-ending nights and earth-shattering trips.

With a sense of nostalgia for surrealism and the Roaring Twenties, the designer’s skepticism and sharpness, balance vintage and futuristic aesthetics in a subtle but daring way.

In a world with too much information and inflated desires, it’s hard to escape the temptation to hear our true inner voice. Gel E Lua uses exaggerated visual elements to satirize the drawbacks of the digital world while blending fantasy and technology for a truly transcendent look.

Flowers Birds Market skirts conformity, while embodying a new hyper-femininity attitude. It embraces softness, aggression, and the subdued. Each piece expresses a twisted image of femininity, shuttering between gender and the subversion to upend the traditional girl code.

SIDEFFECT is committed to exploring commonality and individuality within retro and futuristic aesthetics. It uses unconventional materials to fight consumerism within the fashion industry while making clothing and non-clothing elements work together like a well-oiled machine.

From now until the end of Burning Man, 404 will co-host a series of online events to spread the values of freedom and expression through its campaign.

“Whether you’re at Burning Man as a “burner” or some other rave, you’re welcome to post your outfit on Instagram @body404official with hashtag #burning404 and we’ll share it on our platform to nurture more people who want to jump out of their default worlds,” said Wang.

Every burner is welcome to join the 404™ podcast with other artists, musicians, and underground creators, sharing your thoughts about how to achieve self-fulfillment. You’ll receive a $20 404 coupon with exclusive access to future events. For more details see @body404official.

The mission of 404™ is to empower emerging creators, advocate individuality, reignite the handcrafting community, and build an inclusive and diversified platform for designers to thrive and push the industry forward.

404™ is for every trendsetter seeking thoughtfully designed, handcrafted staples that can’t be found elsewhere.

Founded in 2021 by a community of international creatives, 404™ aims to help emerging designers and artisans grow their global business, revitalize manufacturers and logistics providers, and reignite the passion for unending celebrations.

“Our designer labels are independent, which means they have full control of the design. Like the Burning Man event, it upholds a personal attitude. It also dares to challenge established notions of fashion performance,” said Wang.

For further information see the 404™ Burning Man campaign website.