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Heal Your Body, Mind, & Soul At The Pure Abundance Retreat In Belize Created By Self-Health Author Patrina Wisdom

Patrina Wisdom, a self-care and TED X speaker, was inspired to create the Pure Abundance Retreat in Belize by her…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Patrina Wisdom, a self-care and TED X speaker, was inspired to create the Pure Abundance Retreat in Belize by her personal healing path following the suicide loss of her husband, as well as the influence that attending and creating therapeutic retreats had on her family. The retreat is located in Belize. This retreat will be for three days and will take place in Belize from the 18th to the 23rd of October 2022. The weeklong Pure Abundance experience is one that can significantly alter one’s life. It features guides from a variety of generations, a setting that is as lush and beautiful as the jungle, and personal development activities for those interested in leading more affluent lives.

More than ever, the world requires more female leaders who are self-assured, powerful, and affluent while also displaying their femininity.

Each participant in the Pure Abundance Retreat is guided to rediscover and re-experience their essential spiritual nature as well as their spiritual connection. As a result, they are able to regain a sense of clarity of purpose, a sense of direction, and a renewed confidence in their ability to consciously create the life they want to live.

Participants in our program get to spend six days and five nights in paradise expanding and healing their minds and bodies. The goal of this retreat in Belize is to achieve a state of inner calm by reorienting one’s mentality and putting forth effort toward letting go of the past and accepting what cannot be changed. Some of the highlights of the itinerary include mantra meditation classes, mindfulness coaching workshops, and that unbeatable stillness, according to Patrina.

Patrina continues, “If I’m being honest, I’m often the only woman of color in settings that are focused on my personal and spiritual development on retreats.” I wanted to make a place where high-achieving women from all kinds of different countries and walks of life could feel safe enough to be vulnerable and still have the community’s support. A location where, during a period of change, you can enter feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stuck, or even broken, and exit feeling re-energized, re-imagined, and like the most powerful and abundant version of yourself.

The boutique getaway known as Pure Abundance has been thoughtfully constructed and painstakingly arranged. They limit the number of participants in each retreat to ten, and they customize the itinerary of each retreat so that it satisfies the goals of each individual participant and brings about the kind of change that each lady came to the retreat hoping to achieve.

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