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Jensen Partners Receives Strategic Investment from JB Capital to Scale Innovative Platform of Talent Solutions for the Asset Management Industry

Investment will accelerate data integration and scale key product offerings, including Jensen DiversityMetrics™, Executive Search and Jensen Diversity Pipeline Tracker™

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Jensen Partners , a women-owned executive search and corporate advisory firm that enables data-driven talent solutions for the asset management industry, today announced a strategic investment from JB Capital, a Bellevue, Washington-based investor focused on market areas underserved by institutional investors. The investment will enhance Jensen Partners’ ability to empower asset managers with data-driven solutions that address a wide range of talent challenges, including diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), recruiting, hiring and retention.

“Our data-driven approach gives our platform a clear advantage,” said Sasha Jensen, founder and CEO of Jensen Partners and Jensen DiversityMetrics™. “We fundamentally believe data has the power to enable better hiring decisions and instill the accountability necessary to make the asset management industry more diverse, equitable and inclusive. To unlock that power, we track over 25,000 professionals across the asset management industry and leverage demographic, hiring and retention data to help asset managers attract, hire and retain the talent they need to succeed in today’s market. The investment from JB Capital will increase our ability to leverage and integrate data across our executive search, advisory and DEI solutions.”

“Jensen Partners is an industry leader with an innovative suite of technology and data-enabled talent solutions,” said Jeremy Hill, founder of JB Capital. “Given the intense competition for talent across asset management, hiring decisions have become increasingly important for firms. At the same time, investors are demanding more comprehensive DEI reporting from managers. Jensen Partners’ unique ability to empower confident hiring and DEI decisions sets them apart from competitors and will accelerate customer acquisition and growth across the platform.”

Over the last several years, Jensen Partners has received several rounds of institutional funding, experienced transformational growth and expanded in both headcount and geographic footprint – with locations in New York, Miami, London and Hong Kong. Jensen Partners is a three-time consecutive winner of Private Equity Wire’s “Best Recruitment Company for Investor Relations and Asset Raising,” as well as AltCredit US and AltCredit Europe’s “Best Recruitment Firm.” In 2021, Jensen Partners announced a first of its kind pledge, which guarantees all future human capital searches conducted by Jensen Partners will begin with a candidate pool comprised of at least 51% of candidates who come from underrepresented backgrounds. Jensen Partners’ also regularly reports key industry hiring and DEI trends to the public via LinkedIn and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Insider, and WSJ Pro Private Equity.

About Jensen Partners

Jensen Partners is a woman-owned, data-driven, global human capital advisory firm focused on solving staffing and DEI challenges across the alternative asset management industry powered by Big Data and our proprietary DEI enterprise software platform, Jensen DiversityMetrics™. In addition to executive search, Jensen Partners offers LP/GP referencing, proprietary 360° Investor Referencing™ methodology, and comprehensive benchmarking and analysis. To learn more, please visit

About Jensen DiversityMetrics™

Jensen DiversityMetrics™ combines rich diversity analytics with the latest research from the field of human capital management, providing an objective 360 degree view of where a firm stands on DEI and how they can make meaningful progress towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce, including: verified demographic data for more than 25,000 investment and distribution professionals from across the industry, a candidate pipeline of over 8,000 investment and distribution professionals who self-identify as belonging to one or more underrepresented groups, and a proprietary scoring algorithm that enables objective DEI comparisons across firms and industries. With Jensen DiversityMetrics™, firms can benchmark against competitors, develop diverse candidate pipelines, analyze hiring and retention practices, identify biases in workplace culture and report progress to investors.

About JB Capital

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