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Loliware Chief Technology Officer to Deliver Keynote at International Materials Conference

Dr. Victoria Piunova to discuss future of seaweed resin at Rethinking Materials Innovation and Investment Summit in London

By Girl Power News , in News , at August 9, 2023

Organizers of the 2023 Rethinking Materials Innovation and Investment Summit – the premier international materials showcase – announced today that Dr. Victoria Piunova, chief technology officer of Loliware – North America’s fastest-growing seaweed materials company – will give a keynote address on May 16. The annual event regularly draws industry luminaries together from around the world for educational seminars and panel discussions about the newest technological breakthroughs.

“We believe seaweed is mission-critical to the planet’s future and its potential to replace single-use plastics has now been proven – thanks to Dr. Piunova,” said Loliware founder Sea F. Briganti. “She’s truly at the helm of an important materials revolution, and we are honored to have her speak about the work she and her team are pioneering, as well as the challenges ahead for the entire industry.”

Dr. Victoria Piunova to discuss future of seaweed resin at Rethinking Materials Innovation Summit in London

Founded in 2016, Loliware is a leader among a growing number of regenerative businesses focusing on materials that support a stronger ecosystem. Loliware’s seaweed-derived resins are fully compatible with existing manufacturing plastic extruding equipment, providing a unique, cost-effective way to replace single-use plastics at scale. The seaweed can be processed into Loliware’s materials at local facilities and made into a wide array of products which compost easily and enrich the soil.

Prior to joining Loliware, Piunova spent many years at IBM Research, where she held the prestigious title of IBM Master Inventor. She has more than a decade of experience in sustainable materials development for applications in biotechnology and sensing. She has authored more than 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals and was issued her 25th U.S. patent two weeks ago.

Piunova earned a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry/Materials Science from the University of Southern California and completed her post-doctoral studies at Caltech under Nobel laureate Robert H. Grubbs. In 2021, she received the American Chemical Society’s “Young Industrial Polymer Scientist Award” for outstanding industrial innovation and creativity in polymer science. She also received the American Chemical Society’s “Young Investigator Award,” which honors academic and industrial scientists for their outstanding innovative contributions to the field of polymer chemistry.

About Loliware (
Loliware, the world’s first seaweed resin company, is replacing single-use plastics with products that are designed to disappear. This woman-owned tech company is partnering with experts in regenerative aquaculture from Maine to Indonesia to expand the ‘blue economy’ with its proprietary SEATech resins and products. Made from easily compostable seaweed, Loliware’s Blue Ocean straws are already a favorite among some of the nation’s most famous chefs, restaurant chains, and eco-chic hotels. Now available to license worldwide, Loliware’s SEATech resins are advancing our planet toward a plastic-free, decarbonized future.