Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Lone River Beverage Co. and Yellowstone Star Lainey Wilson Usher in a New Era of Female Trailblazers, Spiced Up with Limited-Edition ‘Ranch Water’

The Leading Ranch Water Continues its Modern West Takeover, Debuting its Newest Offering at a Texas-Sized Celebration with a Special Appearance from Lainey Wilson and Performances by Caylee Hammack, Tenille Townes and ‘New Artist of the Year’ Winner Hailey Whitters

In an atmosphere pulsating with the electricity of a frontier settlement, Lone River Beverage Co., the maestro behind America’s No. 1 selling Ranch Water, joined forces with multi-platinum singer and “Yellowstone” luminary Lainey Wilson. The duo orchestrated a symposium of unbridled celebration and empowerment, spotlighting female trailblazers and entrepreneurs in the heart of Frisco, Texas—a town synonymous with new-age frontierism.

In a room that one could only describe as a constellation of feminine power and innovation, Katie Beal Brown, the indomitable CEO & Founder of Lone River, and Wilson lifted their cans in a salute to women redefining the ethos of the contemporary American West. The room, redolent with anticipation, broke into jubilant applause as they unveiled an avant-garde alliance: the Lone River + Yellowstone Limited Edition Ranch Pack. This was no ordinary soirée; it was a crescendo of culture, capped by riveting performances from country music ingenues Caylee Hammack, Tenille Townes, and Hailey Whitters.

With a design as audacious as the women it celebrated, the limited-edition variety pack offers a juxtaposition of midnight black and sunlit yellow set against the indelible imagery of the Yellowstone Ranch. This 12-pack anthology—half Original Ranch Water, half Ranch Rita—provides a libation best savored when swathed in a dressing of lime and salt.

“Lone River emerges from a lifestyle that’s not merely a trend but a zeitgeist capturing the very essence of contemporary American life,” Katie Beal Brown enthused. “Who better to share the debut of this frontier-inspired assortment than other barrier-breaking women who, like us, find their roots in ranch life and perpetuate an endless summer of jubilation?”

As if scripting a modern Western, Lone River has knotted an intricate narrative of alliances that propel the spirit of today’s frontier into the mainstream. The collaboration with Yellowstone, the undisputed titan of television series, fortifies this mission. Adding to the mélange of excitement, the brand announced an exclusive summer sweepstakes, presenting fans with the opportunity to snag unparalleled prizes, from private dinner soirées to concert experiences that resonate with the soul.

Texas, Montana, California, Florida, Michigan, and Tennessee residents, gear up! Your states are the select territories where you can win video messages, a financial windfall of a $400 gift card, and the ultimate Lone River swag kit.

“It’s like capturing lightning in a can,” reflected Wilson on the fifth season of Yellowstone. “The Lone River pack condenses the essence of Dutton Ranch—a place that has etched itself into my soul.”

Mark your calendars! Lone River will next grace the iHeart Country Festival in Austin, Texas on May 13. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the classic Ranch Water or the piquant Spicy Ranch Rita, prepare to imbibe in the euphoria of musical magnificence.

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