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MOZAIK Philanthropy Launches an Emergency Open Call for Global Artists to Submit Art in Solidarity with the Women-Led Protests for Freedom in Iran

The 2022 Future Art Awards: WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. welcomes international artists of all creative expressions, wishing to use their art to express solidarity with the women of Iran—the largest Women’s Rights Movement in the world right now.

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

MOZAIK Philanthropy’s 5th Future Art Awards: WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. is an arts-based expression of solidarity with the brave women of Iran, in their intersectional movement for freedom and human rights. Women and men throughout the country…and people all over the world, are rising up to protest the tragic death of 22-year-old woman Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, who died in police custody after being reportedly beaten by Iranian morality police on September 16th, 2022. Countless other people have now lost their lives or have been arrested by the Iranian regime in this escalating humanitarian crisis, including artists, writers, journalists, political dissidents, and even children.

MOZAIK Philanthropy has launched this emergency open call-to-action as an invitation to global artists wishing to use their art to express emotional support of the women in Iran at this pivotal moment in history. There are over 5-million artists in the United States alone. Together with the potential power of the greater global creative community, MOZAIK Philanthropy hopes this international open call for art will demonstrate unity around the values of freedom, equality, and justice, as human rights for all, especially for the women in Iran willing to risk their lives for freedom.

The 2022 Future Art Awards: WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. welcomes international artists of all creative expressions.

MOZAIK Philanthropy condemns all forms of violence against women, including state-sanctioned violence. As an organization, we are in solidarity with the women of Iran, and all women around the globe fighting for the rights of women, asking for freedom from violence, oppression, and violations of human rights of bodily autonomy and privacy. Mahsa’s loss is a tragedy for her family, the Iranian nation, and the entire world.

“Mahsa’s name reverberates around the world. In her name, people are standing up and saying “no” to the repression of every woman’s sovereignty, human rights, and bodily autonomy. Iranians are not just protesting the compulsory hijab, or the morality police, they are protesting against gender apartheid,” said MOZAIK Philanthropy’s Executive Director, Keely Badger. “We are honored to launch the Future Art Awards: WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. to chronicle the significance of this moment through the power of art.”

Since launching the Future Art Awards in 2020, MOZAIK Philanthropy has awarded over 350 U.S. artists with artist support grants and virtual exhibition exposure, covering front-line social and environmental justice issues through contemporary art as a medium for social change. Winning artists have included photographers, painters, sculptors, street artists, muralists, mixed-media artists, visual, multi and interdisciplinary artists, illustrators, animators, 3D artists, NFT artists, cartoonists, technologists, shorts filmmakers, poets, art writers, composers, weavers, dancers, and creative performers.

The 2022 Future Art Awards: WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. will be the organization’s first international open call for art, honoring outstanding contemporary artworks for creative excellence across the following categories: originality, personality, quality of composition, creativity, skills, concepts of activism, justice or representation, overall emotional impression, and adherence to the awards’ interpretive theme: WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM.

The deadline to apply for WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. is November 15th, 2022. The application is free and the review process is a blind review. All artists are welcome to submit. Additional details about artist honorariums and the virtual exhibition for The Future Art Awards will be announced in the coming weeks.

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