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Mrs. T’s® Pierogies and JoAnna Garcia Swisher Partner to Help Moms Prioritize Me-time and Create ‘Recharging Rooms’

Nominate an All-Star Mom to Win $20,000 and a Custom Design by JoAnna to Create the Ultimate Personal Oasis.

By Girl Power News , in News , at March 1, 2023

After a challenging few years, nearly half of moms are looking to take more time for themselves*. Taking the notion of “making space” for oneself to heart, Mrs. T’s Pierogies is simplifying self-care in partnership with actress, entrepreneur and mom, JoAnna Garcia Swisher.

Mrs. T’s and JoAnna will spotlight the importance of me-time for mothers and help them find ways to recharge through the Mrs. T’s All-Star Moms program. Mrs. T’s and JoAnna will share design tips, cash prizes for moms to create or upgrade a ‘Recharging Room’ in their home and an easy-to-make pierogy recipe for delicious family time or solo snacking. One deserving mom will be awarded $20,000, a year’s supply of Mrs. T’s Pierogies and a personalized design by JoAnna to create the ultimate ‘Recharging Room.’

From February 28 through March 28, fans can nominate a deserving mom in their life, including themselves, to be an All-Star Mom winner by visiting Mrs. T’s will also surprise moms across the country who engage with the brand on Instagram with ‘mini upgrade’ gift cards to level up a ‘Recharging Room’ of their own.

“My friends and I always talk about how important it is to make space for ourselves and recharge from the craziness of life,” says Garcia Swisher. “I’m excited to partner with Mrs. T’s Pierogies to design a personalized ‘Recharging Room’ for our All-Star Mom winner and inspire other moms across the country to design their own personal recharging spaces.

No matter how you recharge – from reality TV marathons to curling up with the latest bestseller – a delicious recipe always makes me-time more enjoyable. As an All-Star Mom herself, JoAnna has created a tasty Margherita Pizza Pierogy Skewer recipe as the perfect bite for moms to share with their friends – or have all to themselves. After all, in mom’s space, it’s her rules.

“At Mrs. T’s Pierogies, we pride ourselves in spreading smiles across America with our delicious and easy-to-prepare pierogies,” said LeeAnn Smulligan, Director of Marketing, Mrs. T’s Pierogies. “By helping moms everywhere relax after a long day with their favorite food in a beautiful space made just for them, we hope to spread the same joy they give to their own families every single day.”

Mrs. T’s Pierogies bring smiles to your dinner table and will brighten up your day. These pasta pockets filled with the stuff you love – like creamy mashed potatoes, cheesy goodness and other big, bold flavors – are simple and easy to prepare, come in full and mini sizes and can be found in the frozen food aisle. For more delicious mealtime inspiration visit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

About Mrs. T’s Pierogies
In 1952, Ted Twardzik Sr. dreamed of starting a food company inspired by his mother’s pierogy recipe. He remembered how popular the Polish dumplings were at church festivals and thought people would be excited to purchase them from their local grocery stores year-round. Later that year, Ted sold the very first pierogy samples to his local grocery store in Shenandoah, PA, and to honor his mother Mary Twardzik – the Mrs. T – he called his company Mrs. T’s Pierogies. Now, more than 70 years later, Mrs. T’s Pierogies is the largest producer of frozen pierogies, producing 600 million pierogies a year.

*Mintel: Marketing to Moms, US 2021