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New Personal Security App, “Never Walk Alone – NYC ™,” Helps Protect City Walkers

“Ride Share for Walkers” Provides Companionship, Personal Safety, and Peace of Mind

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

“Never Walk Alone – NYC ™” is a proposed mobile app providing walking companionship for personal safety. People who want to feel safe by walking with a partner can order a companion by using a phone with the same format as used to order an Uber.

“Think of a carpool situation where people are going to the same place or a close place at about the same time. By using the Never Walk Alone app, members are combining walking routes to create a safer situation than walking alone. Comfort is created in knowing that each walking companion is a vetted member,” said the program’s creator, Pamela Garber, LMHC, a psychotherapist who was attacked in broad daylight. She has been practicing in New York for more than 15 years. “Being alone is often a commonality of crime victims.”

Her company is looking for investors to fund the programming for the app. For information, contact her at [email protected] or 646-745-6709.

The Never walk Alone App is solely accessed by a vetted community of subscribing members.

Additional menu items are accessed with the same Uber-like format. These items include:


New York is a walking city. We are used to paying the price for having the world at our feet with high rent, but now we are paying with our safety. Sacrificing safety is not sustainable,” she said. “Accepting violent crime as a normalized is a shameful surrender. The city can be safe, functional, and free.”

Through unification, we can increase safety. Through determination, we can minimize the factors that make us less safe.

Therapist Pamela Garber created the concept for the app.

“Much of my work as a therapist is being consumed with listening to client’s frustrations and fears of violent crime in the city. For the past two years, I’ve heard my clients recount stories such as witnessing a stabbing on their train, being followed for three blocks before begging a security guard for help and being mugged after leaving Whole Foods.

“In June, I was randomly punched by a homeless person while walking on the upper east side on a Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The police, though kind, did not arrest my attacker, even though she attacked a pregnant woman immediately after me,” she said.

“All the events I heard about in the news, at work, and in my personal life, I realized that private sector entrepreneurialism holds the solution for solving the need for accessible safety because the public sector is not solving the problem of violent crime. I pictured an app where a community of members coordinates walking companionship and other safety features,” she said.

Pamela Garber, LMHC, a psychotherapist who was attacked in broad daylight, has been practicing in New York for more than 15 years.

She wrote and produced a film and workbook for relapse prevention. The program is called “Playing The Tape.” It won an award at the Palm Beach International Film Festival 2006. It is used in residential and outpatient treatment.

She has been a guest on talk radio shows, including the Michael Harrison Wrap.

She has been published in American Thinker, Aeon, Epoch Times, American Management Association, and others.

Her private practice clients include people from many industries and several Fortune 100 companies. She offers crisis intervention debriefings during on-site corporate emergencies, mediating business disputes, and therapeutic mediation.

She ran the New York City Marathon three times.

Pamela Garber
[email protected]