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ODAYA™ Is Bringing Self Care to the Bedroom

Sex May Be an Activity That Involves More Than One Person. But It Still Has Room for a Little Self…

By Girl Power News , in News , at March 1, 2023

Sex May Be an Activity That Involves More Than One Person. But It Still Has Room for a Little Self Care.

The self-care movement has evolved in interesting ways in recent years. The concept of investing in one’s self is a foundational part of a healthy life, and a growing number of people are willing to acknowledge that fact. At the same time, many have taken the idea of self-care to extremes, infusing it with a focus on reckless splurges and selfish decision-making.

One doesn’t need to go to the spa, eat at a five-star restaurant, or backpack through Europe to indulge in healthy self-care. The best personal care comes in small, oft-overlooked doses. Did I eat well today? Am I getting enough sleep? Is my mind in a healthy place? Are my relationships thriving? These are genuine self-care questions that have a much bigger impact on daily life — including intimacy.

“Every day gives you an opportunity to spoil yourself in little ways,” says ODAYA™ co-founder Maxime Lemieux, “That’s why we created ODAYA Ganja. It’s an affordable way to invest in a better sex life.”

ODAYA Ganja is a groundbreaking natural lubricant with multiple benefits. The most obvious of these is the fact that the product is a 100% natural alternative to harsh petroleum lubricants. It is smooth and silky and avoids clumpy, sticky issues during application. It is also pH balanced and uses organic hemp oil, allowing it to provide uniquely healing side effects to the skin through antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and a myriad of vitamins.

“Self-care doesn’t have to be a huge splurge or a dramatic change. It can come through little changes, like using the right lubricant,” encourages Lemieux, “When you invest in those small-but-impactful upgrades, it can give you peace of mind and a better experience every time you’re intimate with your partner. It lets you look past problems and stressors and enables you to create rewarding rituals throughout your life. And when you can establish an optimal healthy routine like that, it can help you consistently feel good, both inside and out.

About ODAYA™

ODAYA™ is a natural, women-led intimacy brand owned by Tingg Agency Inc. Founded in Quebec, Canada in 2001, ODAYA focuses on three core values: quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. ODAYA uses ingredients specifically selected to bring comfort, pleasure, and confidence. Its mission is to enhance optimal health and lifestyle, promote self-care, and improve total well-being. Learn more at