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Paragon Bolsters Women in Security

Singleton McAllister joins Paragon’s Women in Security Committee as board sponsor

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“Singleton is an extremely valuable addition to the team,” said Tony Sabatino, CEO of Paragon. “I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Singleton in her role on Paragon’s board and I admire how she’s supported her fellow working professionals in past experiences as the vice chair of the National Women’s History Museum and former president of Women in Government Relations Inc. I appreciate the leadership and experience Singleton will bring to her work with Paragon’s Women in Security Committee.”

Singleton McAllister kicked off her work with the committee at its inaugural meeting, where Sabatino welcomed leaders from across Paragon’s business sectors. Building on one committee member’s powerful message about learning to advocate for herself and the importance of carrying that forward by teaching other women in the industry how to do the same, the committee established its next steps. They plan to develop a broader company outreach campaign to provide additional mentoring and exposure opportunities throughout the organization.

The meeting concluded with words of enthusiasm and guidance from Singleton McAllister, who stated, “I am delighted that we are having this conversation. Women should be prevalent in positions across all our sectors, especially in leadership roles. We must be mindful that these goals will take time and effort beyond these conversations, and I look forward to helping take it to the next level.”

Since joining the board in 2017, Singleton McAllister has played an active role in the organization. In addition to her work with Paragon, McAllister was recently recognized by Savoy Network as one of 2022’s Most Influential Black Lawyers and as a Top 100 Director by the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Paragon employs over 12,000 professionals in specialized operations, providing security, fire, investigations, inspections, cybersecurity, risk management, and mission support services to the U.S. Federal Government and other critical infrastructure clients. Paragon is Safeguarding American Assets at home, abroad, & beyond.