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ProgenyHealth Releases New Report on Innovations in Maternity Care Management

New programs are being implemented to support healthy pregnancies which will help organizations reduce premature births and associated maternal complications– while improving health outcomes for moms and babies while lowering pregnancy, NICU and postpartum-related costs 

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

ProgenyHealth, LLC, a leading, tech-enabled women’s health company dedicated to Maternity and NICU Care Management, has released a new report highlighting the importance of national “Innovations in Maternity Care Management.” As 1 in every 10 babies in the United States continue to be born prematurely, there is an ongoing crisis in maternal health and maternal health equity that healthcare stakeholders must address.

Despite ongoing advances in medical technology that improves the rate of successful births, maternal morbidity and costs associated with pregnancy and postpartum complications continue to climb. Complications and costs are rising despite the United States spending more per capita than any other country on healthcare.

The newly released report from ProgenyHealth highlights the need for fully integrated maternity programs to use a multi-modal approach that includes:

“Successful maternity programs must always first address two critical concerns, which are reducing preterm births and NICU utilization, while also ensuring the overall health of the pregnant mother throughout their pregnancy,” said Ellen Stang, MD, founder and CEO, ProgenyHealth. “Across the country, we are seeing advancements that are moving from a strictly medical focus to one that includes behavioral health and social determinants of health. This means taking a whole-person approach, which addresses anxiety, diet, substance use disorder, postpartum depression, and other social factors.”

As health plans seek to embrace a full continuum of maternal and infant health programs, those that can identify and engage mothers as early as possible provide the best opportunity to reduce premature birth rates, support healthier infants and deliver better outcomes.

“We have found that health plans are seeking to partner with healthcare innovators who are able to be more proactive in managing maternity cases,” said Linda Genen, MD, MPH, chief medical officer, ProgenyHealth. “Our research has shown that health plans seek partners who can manage these maternity cases holistically and improve health equity and quality outcomes for their members.”

For more information on the “Innovations in Maternity Care Management” findings, including insights on quality improvements and cost savings such as NICU utilization management and payment validation, visit or click here to view the report.

ProgenyHealth is a leading national, tech-enabled women’s health company dedicated to Maternity and NICU Care Management. We serve women, infants, and families through the milestones of maternal care — from conception and pregnancy to postpartum and parenting, with special expertise in managing premature and complex births and resulting NICU admissions. Our industry-leading intelligent platform, Baby Trax™, integrates utilization management and case management, while driving payment validation & assurance activities based on clinical data. With nearly 20 years of experience, our board-certified physicians, nurses, social workers, and others, collaborate with providers to improve health outcomes, enhance the member and provider experience, and reduce costs for all payer groups including, commercial health plans, Medicaid payers, and large employers.

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