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Pure Leaf Tea and Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play Announce “No” Coaches Program Aimed at Enabling More Women to Say “No” at Home and at Work In Order to Say “Yes” to What Matters Most to Them

Pure Leaf x Fair Play will give 200 women the chance to receive a complimentary “No” Coaches session: one hour of personal, one-on-one support from qualified coaches

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Today, Pure Leaf Iced Tea announces the “No” Coaches program in partnership with best-selling author Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play method. Pure Leaf believes “No is Beautiful” and is in pursuit of a world in which saying “no” is easier in tea and in life. In tea, that’s saying “no” to artificial flavors, concentrates, or tea powders for better taste. In life, Pure Leaf’s “No is Beautiful” campaign inspires women to say “no” to the things that don’t matter to them, so they can say “yes” to the things that do. The “No” Coaches sessions begin on Monday, October 17 and run through Friday, October 28.

“I’m thrilled to bring to life this new “No” Coaches Program in partnership with Pure Leaf, given our shared passions for empowering women to more confidently and frequently say “no” and set respected boundaries both at home and at work,” said Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play. “Women continue to be disproportionately impacted by the daily mental load and ‘invisible’ tasks that fall on their plate personally and professionally, and the “No” Coaches Program offers women bespoke, one-on-one guidance to reclaim more precious time for themselves.”

Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play method outlines a system for any couple on how to divide up household tasks fairly and empower women in relationships to say “no” more often so they can say “yes” to more meaningful things in their lives. It is supported by groundbreaking proprietary research conducted by Pure Leaf around the personal and financial consequences women face when they say “no” to asks at work. According to data that helped establish the Fair Play method, women today are doing two-thirds of what it takes to run a home and family, regardless of whether they also work out of the home*. Further, Pure Leaf found that guilt is the number one emotion women experience when saying “no” to work, family, and social tasks and obligations, and one in three women have feelings of guilt when they say “no” at work.A

Facilitated by one of eighteen certified and curated Fair Play Facilitators, each virtual hour-long “No” Coaching session will educate participants on the Fair Play method and teach them attainable tips and guidance around setting boundaries and how to say “no” more confidently at home and/or in the workplace, depending on their personal needs. The sessions aim to foster a safe space for personalized conversation and exploration around how saying “no” can fit into the participants’ unique lives and help them say “yes” to their goals by reclaiming precious time.

When women are empowered to say “no” both at home and at work, they can unlock more space for the things they love, like participating in a continuing education class, attending a family event, or taking a mental health day. That’s why Pure Leaf and Hello Sunshine’s direct-to-consumer brand Fair Play began a partnership together in early 2022 and are co-launching this new initiative. “No” Coaches is also rooted in the methods showcased in the FAIR PLAY documentary, which was released on July 8, 2022. FAIR PLAY documentary was written, produced, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom and inspired by Eve Rodsky’s book of the same name.

To learn more about the “No Coaches” program and how to sign up for the opportunity to receive a virtual one hour “No” Coaching session of your own, please visit

For more information, check out and, and the FAIR PLAY documentary, which is available on demand anywhere you buy or rent movies.

A Methodology: A 15-minute online survey was conducted between November 9 and November 17, 2021, among 1803 women aged 18 – 45. Women were asked to rank their top three outcomes when saying no at work. Guilt is the #1 emotion women experience when saying “no” to work, family and social tasks and obligations. 1 in 3 women have feelings of guilt when they say “no” at work.

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Hello Sunshine—Reese Witherspoon’s media company—is on a mission to change the narrative for women. As one of Hello Sunshine’s direct-to-consumer brands, the Fair Play franchise is a convergence of content, community and commerce centered on the mission to eradicate time poverty for women through time fairness (Fair Play) and time choice (Unicorn Space). The franchise spans books, cards, courses, an iHeart podcast, and the FAIR PLAY documentary directed, produced and written by Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

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