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Sabetha Price, Founder of The Fit Fine Flawless Helping Women Cancel Expensive Plastic Surgery Appointments with Her Thicker Than a Snicker Cream

After discovering she wasn’t eligible for a BBL surgery to enhance her curves, Sabetha developed a safer alternative for women…

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 2, 2022

After discovering she wasn’t eligible for a BBL surgery to enhance her curves, Sabetha developed a safer alternative for women to achieve the body they want without risking their lives.

The fit fine flawless is a plant-based enhancement brand specializing in sculpting curves; the brand provides organic products tailored to a client’s unique body goals!

Sabetha Price, a certified master trainer, vegan, and herbalist, planned to get plastic surgery in 2013, but due to her health, she was not permitted to proceed with her procedure. So instead of getting discouraged, Sabetha developed a product that could give her a look she wanted.

Now they are the top-rated aftercare topical solution and have amassed a community of over 1.2 million people across all social media platforms. The Fit Fine Flawless brand grows daily because of people’s unending reviews, showing honest results.

One of the FFFlawless bestsellers is the Thicker than a Snicker Cream, our all-time favorite Glute building cream! Formulated to raise the levels of your body fat in your hips and butt, this will lift, tighten, and firm your booty! Thicker than a Snicker Cream reduces stretch marks and cellulite. At the same time, it helps you get smoother skin.

Another favorite is the Get Snatched Cream – TheFitFineFlawless it has the breath of coffee, mint, and grapefruit. Get Snatched Cream drains the lymphatic system and helps with losing water weight; water weight is the leading cause of the bloating and the puffiness you feel, which also holds extra pounds in your body. The Get Snatched Cream helps eliminate all that discomfort in your body, reduces cellulite, and tightens your stomach!

When asked about The FFFlawless Products, Founder Sabetha Price said, “Women worldwide are dying on the operating table to achieve these unattainable body standards. I wanted to give women a healthy and safe alternative to surgery while allowing them to see the curves they want. Although I almost turned to plastic surgery because of career and peer pressures, I’m thankful I was turned away, and now I get to help women fall in love with their natural bodies. Between 2013 and 2022, I’ve helped cancel over 12,000 surgeries, saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars, and saved lives.”

FFFlawless promotes self-love, and Sabetha’s primary goal is to ensure that ladies out there are in the best shape they can be without getting surgery! Although it is hard to get the body, we always dreamed of, working out and eating healthy are 2 of the most common factors people need to be consistent with, so they can achieve their perception of perfect skin and body. Adding The Fit Fine Flawless Products will only make it that much easier.