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Say No to Discreet! Doctor-led Sexual Wellness Brand Disrupts the Norm With Bold Packaging

Cerē Makes Statement with Packaging that Highlights a Need for Normalizing Self Pleasure and Allowing Women to Rewrite the Narrative Surrounding Sexual Wellness

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 2, 2022

Cerēthe first-ever pleasure products brand designed by physicians, announced today the release of their new indiscreet packaging. Cerē is pursuing an end to the pleasure gap by inviting women to celebrate their own sexual pleasure — out loud. Like with their clinically driven products, Cerē aims to shake up the industry by introducing pleasure-forward packaging that doesn’t shy away from women owning their orgasms.

The brand’s limited-edition packaging highlights Cerē’s overarching efforts to fearlessly break down the stigmas surrounding self-pleasure. A series of packages adorned with buzzworthy phrases such as, “Guess What’s In My Box” and “What’s All The Buzz About,” will be available to place pleasure at the forefront of overall well-being, in a bold way.

“Pleasure should be celebrated. It is not something women should ever hide or be ashamed of,” said Dr. Amir Marashi, internationally acclaimed OB/GYN, vaginal surgeon and Founder of Cerē. “We have reimagined decades-old products to align pleasure and anatomy in harmony, and our limited-edition packaging needs to do the same. Our quest to close the pleasure gap and invite consumers to ditch outdated taboos about how their personal pleasure should look and feel is much bigger than this brand. We need to shift that way of thinking, especially as we live during a time when large parts of the world are moving backwards in regard to sexual wellness.”

To learn more about Cerē and its product offerings, visit: https://getCerē.com/.

Cerē is pursuing an end to the pleasure gap with the first-ever pleasure product brand designed by physicians. Founded by Dr. Amir Marashi, an internationally acclaimed OB/GYN and vaginal surgeon, Cerē is helping people find and reach their most pleasurable parts, eradicate sexual shame, and put an end to orgasm inequity. Cerē’s pleasure products were developed alongside Dr. Kimberly Lovie, a Harvard and Yale-trained physician, chemist and engineer, through a multi-faceted approach that leveraged their collective understanding of anatomy and engineering to put sexual wellness at the forefront of every person’s health.