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Saysh Reveals The All New ‘Saysh Two’

The brand’s newest lifestyle sneaker, accompanied by the Scarf by Saysh, is designed for the female foot, setting a new standard of support, comfort and style for the everyday task & woman

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Saysh, the community-centered lifestyle brand co-founded by Olympian Allyson Felix and her brother and business partner Wes Felix, today announced the launch of its premium, versatile sneaker, Saysh Two, in addition to the Scarf by Saysh for complementary wear. Featuring vibrant and whimsical colorways, Saysh Two and the Scarf by Saysh are designed to be admired – as is the strength of the women wearing it. The newest products will be available online at beginning today and will also be sold at Foot Locker and Athleta in the coming weeks.

The latest product drop from Saysh is a celebration of the collective, invisible moments that make visible success possible. It is this work by women, often not seen or heard, that deserves to be acknowledged. The Saysh Two and Scarf by Saysh was designed to inspire all women to find the gracious power of self, knowing that Saysh is with you every step of the way with unprecedented support and comfort.

“Early in my track career, I thought I had to stay quiet and blend in. I now realize the importance of speaking up, championing women and being bold, and this sneaker represents the culmination of what I’ve learned,” said Allyson Felix, Saysh Co-Founder and President. “I know firsthand the hard work women put into their daily life – the time, patience, determination and grit needed to reach success that often go unnoticed. The Saysh Two and Scarf by Saysh honor these moments, to remind women that we see you, too.”

The Products To Be Seen In:

A long-time sponsored athlete, Allyson decided to leave a sportswear giant after the company attempted to reduce her pay during her pregnancy with her first child. After experiencing gender injustices, Allyson created Saysh alongside her brother Wes. Saysh’s vision is a future in which inequality is undermined by female creativity and athleticism, and the brand is a representation of hope, acceptance, and the power to create change. The Saysh Two and Scarf by Saysh join the brand’s current products: the Saysh One, a lifestyle sneaker designed and sculpted to the female foot; and the Saysh Spike One, a hand-crafted and iconic racing spike designed from the sole up and always on Allyson’s feet during races. Most importantly, all Saysh designs are sculpted to fit the shape and form of the contours of a woman’s foot, with a narrower heel and wider forefoot.

“In this process, we learned that most women’s sneakers use existing molds made for men’s feet to save money. As a company with a commitment for developing products for women and designing for high-accessibility standards, we knew there was no other decision than to manufacture our sneakers specifically to fit the female foot, said Wes Felix, Saysh Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re one of the first to bring this idea to market and we’ve invested a significant amount in technology, manufacturing and design and are focused on ensuring our products feel good.”

The Saysh Two and Scarf by Saysh will be available online at beginning today, September 15th, online at Athleta beginning September 29th and in select Foot Locker stores across North America in the coming weeks.

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Saysh is a community-centered lifestyle brand for and by women focused on ethical conscience, aesthetic sensibility and an athletic mindset. Saysh is co-founded by Allyson Felix, the most decorated Track and field Olympian; and Wes Felix, her brother and business partner. The brand’s debut lifestyle sneaker is the Saysh One. Visit and join us at @bySaysh on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.