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Stigma-Breaking Brand StellaVia Launches with Over 25 Wellness Products Meant to Help Women Navigate their Menopause Journey

Made for Women By Women: StellaVia’s  Doctor-Formulated, Solution-Based SuperBotanicals™ Reignite A Woman’s Vibrance

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

By 2025, more than one billion women are expected to have entered menopause. Historically this life stage has been under researched, misrepresented and continues to be a taboo. Today StellaVia introduces holistic, doctor-formulated solutions responding to the needs of these women. StellaVia shifts the paradigm to inspire women to thrive in their wellness journeys, by offering innovative by-women-for-women products infused with doctor-formulated SuperBotanicals™ in artfully designed packaging. The brand uniquely meets women at every need state while navigating menopause by offering a portfolio of over 25 products, a community of support and wisdoms that inspire women to thrive in their wellness journey.

Founded by Carol Mehas, a former beauty industry executive, alongside Dr. Jessica Shepherd, a Gynecologist and Founder of Sanctum Med + Wellness, and Dr. Allyson Shrikhande a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation MD and Chief Medical Officer of Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, StellaVia is here to light the way to wellness for a new generation of women All three are mothers, renowned innovators and are deeply devoted to caring for women while also sharing their wisdom with those looking for answers as they journey through menopause. This women’s innovation group is designed to shift the paradigm of women’s wellness from telling to listening to what women want and need all while kicking taboos to the curb, and delivering exceptional products that actually work.

Nearly 6,000 US women reach menopause daily and will be seeking relief, advice and community within an industry that historical has not offered it.

“Every woman wants to be her best self,” said Carol Mehas, StellaVia Founder and CEO. “And we have uniquely combined a wealth of wisdom with highly efficacious products to make a real difference in the daily lives of women. If help is out there, why not share it?”

“As a menopause specialist, I have seen so many women in the menopausal transition that need more options and desire a holistic option in addition to medical offerings,” shared Dr. Jessica Shepherd, StellaVia Co-Founder. “StellaVia offers a new style to menopause and the symptoms that may come with this stage in life.”

Highlights of StellaVia’s innovative products include:

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