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The Face of Menopause

NewBeauty released its Fall 2022 Issue with Naomi Watts as the cover profile. In a move that Watts said might “jeopardize…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

NewBeauty released its Fall 2022 Issue with Naomi Watts as the cover profile. In a move that Watts said might “jeopardize her day job,” the beloved actress gets ready to launch her new beyond- beauty brand, Stripes— and she doesn’t care if everyone isn’t ready for it. She speaks candidly about her difficult time with fertility, going into early menopause and highlights so-far of her career.

NewBeauty’s Fall 2022 Issue, featuring Naomi Watts, is on newsstands nationwide.

It feels like we agreed to have a secret code of silence on the menopause conversation.”  Expressed Watts in a up-close, personal conversation with Elizabeth Ritter, Executive Editor. “It all worked out in my brain as, ‘Well, no one must be experiencing the same things as I am.'”

When asked about filling the void in the beauty space with Stripes, a wellness brand, Watts commented that “…Menopause can hit every part of your body in a different way. It’s all-encompassing. For starters, I wanted to reach women who feel underserved and under-supported, and not necessarily reflected in the ways they want to be. We don’t want to look at packaging or ad campaigns of women in their 20s or even 30s. That’s never going to be the story I can adapt to. I’m never going to look like that again.”

When we discussing her career, Watts had a definite opinion on being asked abut her favorite role. 
“I hate answering the question about my favorite role…because theres a couple. Ive had such good times on so many different movies. Early on, the David Lynch experience [Mulholland Drive] was really a standout, especially because it originated as a TV series, and then the doors closed because ABC didnt want to make it a TV series. But then it became a movie two years later when the French producers came back and said, Lets not let that sit there, doing nothing. Lets make a film out of it.It was very, very lucky for me—it could have been a project that just sat on the shelf, that no one got to see.

That was just a wonderful experience, and then, of course, King Kong and 21 Grams and The Impossible because it was such a gut-wrenching story, and shooting it there with people who had experienced the tsunami was life-changing for me.”

NewBeauty’s Fall 2022 Issue is on newsstands nationwide October 4, 2022. For up-to-date information and the latest beauty and aesthetic industry developments visit

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