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The Koa Club Advocates #RightToSucceed for Laid-Off Women in Tech

Understanding the disproportionate leadership growth opportunities for women in tech, The Koa Club, a global community of high achieving women,…

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

Understanding the disproportionate leadership growth opportunities for women in tech, The Koa Club, a global community of high achieving women, is launching its Women in Tech (WIT) leadership program, designed to equip women working in the male dominated tech industry with strategies to boldly manage personal and workplace challenges. Topics covered in the WIT Program include learning to overcome negative barriers, such as self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and fear of not being taken seriously; gaining valuable skills on emotional intelligence, effective communication, and collaborative influence for essential relationship building; and mastering techniques to manage stress and build resiliency to thrive in a challenging environment.

In recent months, tech companies have been laying off workers by the thousands. According to, a website that tracks tech layoffs, there have been 946 tech companies with layoffs generating over 140,000 employees in 2022. “Unfortunately, women have always been disproportionately impacted when companies downsize, and these recent mass layoffs occurring in the tech industry are in effect tearing down the hard-earned diversity improvements that the tech industry had achieved in the last decade,” said Susan Seah, CEO and Founder of The Koa Club.

“Being laid off can be a big confidence crusher,” Seah noted. “We want to help these women continue feeling empowered despite their circumstances, and to use this time as a golden opportunity to enhance their leadership and other soft skills which they can leverage at their next job and for their long-term career development,” Seah added.

As a way of encouraging them to not give up on their fight to thrive and succeed in this industry, the #RighttoSucceed program offers these women in tech who have been laid off to register for the upcoming WIT leadership program at a deeply discounted price of $100 instead of the full registration fee of $950. The offer is limited to the first fifty women who successfully apply for the #RighttoSucceed offer, meeting the eligibility requirements. The application form and eligibility criteria for the #RightToSucceed offer can be found at

The Koa Club requires the women who have been accepted to the 2023 WIT leadership program with the #RighttoSucceed offer to give back to the community by pledging to act as a mentor for another woman in the tech industry who needs support, after they have completed the Program.  “We need to keep paying it forward to help lift up other women around us, so they can also succeed,” Seah said.

The Koa Club is actively seeking companies and organizations to join them in this mission to empower women, especially during these difficult times, by sponsoring their own and other women talent to attend the WIT Leadership program.

The WIT is a six-month program with monthly two-hour workshops taught by carefully selected executive and leadership coaches and kicks off on January 23, 2023. Details can be found at Women in Tech Program.

About The Koa Club: The Koa Club (the term “Koa” meaning “brave”) is a global community of high-achieving women. The Club is aimed at helping women gain knowledge, skills, inspiration, and connections to foster their professional and personal growth. Its women members are leaders with or without authority, committed to life-long learning – who feel empowered to shape their own lives while helping to inspire other women. To deliver on its mission, the Club provides a wide variety of learning and networking opportunities for its members. It also creates scalable innovative women leadership programming for private and public sector organizations.

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