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The Promising New Device that Tackles Female Pelvic Pain

A new clinically proven medical device shows a 480% improvement in GPPPD – an unprecedented amount

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Pain is the most significant healthcare crisis in the US with nearly 50% of Americans seeking treatment for pain-related issues every year. The healthcare crisis is especially relevant for women who hold the majority of chronic pain diagnoses and suffer from their healthcare concerns being dismissed. The gender bias in the healthcare system compounds the issue for women as many of their significant pain points, like pelvic and penetration pain, do not garner the research or attention they deserve, leaving few treatment options available, and even fewer accessible to those who need them most.

However, a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine provides a glimmer of hope for women by spotlighting a new accessible, affordable solution to pelvic and penetration pain that does not require an expensive doctor’s visit or insurance. It’s a body-adaptable, vibratory device from sexual health company, MysteryVibe, called Crescendo, which delivered a 5x improvement in pain scores in a clinical trial on Genito-pelvic pain & penetration disorder (GPPPD) – an unprecedented result in the arena of women’s sexual health, and the first vibratory device to hold such an accomplishment.

Why is this development important?

GPPPD encompasses dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and vaginismus (involuntary muscles contractions in the vagina making penetration difficult or impossible). GPPPD can happen at any age, but is most prevalent among younger adults, menopausal, and postpartum women. The DSM-5 reclassifying female sexual issues reflects the existing science on GPPPD – very little. Researchers haven’t nailed down the exact causes of GPPPD, and therefore prescribing treatment can be an arduous and expensive process for both healthcare providers and patients.

The study findings showed that using the Crescendo vibratory device resulted in an unprecedented improvement score in the domain of FSFI questionnaire Sexual Pain – a 480% (five times) improvement. The research concluded that Crescendo’s Therapy System was a highly effective treatment option for women with GPPPD with no adverse effects related to the treatment.

The Crescendo is uniquely effective because it was designed to mimic human anatomy and leverages the principle of vibrations that, when accurately delivered, are proven to increase blood flow, resulting in pain relief. Crescendo’s revolutionary adaptable design means the device can be bent to take different shapes and work with all body shapes and sizes. With superior flexibility, the device can deliver precision vibrations exactly where the pain is located or stimulation needed, which are key to increasing circulation and arousal.

MysteryVibe, invested over 7 years of research and development into creating the Crescendo device so that it could deliver an accessible solution to women suffering from GPPPD. The company holds an impressive track record of creating award-winning medical devices that are backed by extensive medical research and doctor-endorsed designs to elevate sexual health for everybody, despite age or circumstance. Crescendo is an FDA II medical device and recommended across the US, UK, and Europe by Urologists, OB-GYNs, menopause specialists, and pelvic health therapists. It can also be purchased with an FSA/HSA Healthcare card, making it an accessible option for many who desperately need one.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine publication marks a tremendous step for MysteryVibe’s Crescendo vibrator as a solution for major sexual health conditions. The study publication also sets an important precedent for the sexual health industry that vibratory devices, when purposefully designed, can operate as assistive technology and significantly improve a person’s overall quality of life.

MysteryVibe creates award-winning medical and pleasure devices that help address significant issues in sexual health such as pain, erectile dysfunction, and arousal disorder. The devices are equally valuable in elevating pleasure for all genders and orientations. MysteryVibe is a world leader in sexual health technology. Their devices have won critical acclaim and improved people’s lives in 65 countries.