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Thought-Provoking Historical Fiction Portrays the Life and Struggles of Women in Medieval Times

Through her words, the author paints a socio-political picture of women in the Middle Ages and the roles they played…

By Girl Power News , in News , at January 15, 2023

Through her words, the author paints a socio-political picture of women in the Middle Ages and the roles they played in society.

Author Amelia Rogers’ novel, “Four Princesses from Provence,” highlights the importance of women’s roles in history.

This novel tells the tale of the four daughters of the Count of Provence. With their charms, beauty and intelligence, they rise to the top of the hierarchy — moving from their father’s small kingdom in the south of France to positions of power across Europe. One sister discovers that her new life is a whole different world from the one she knew, and it’s going to change everything she believes and knows.

While dynastic struggles of the Middle Ages have inspired many popular media pieces such as Game of Thrones, there is less knowledge of the period and its people in their full historical context. The author aims to fill this gap while, at the same time, creating an entertaining and dynamic experience for the reader.

Author Rogers is an Italian, and she became a writer because she wanted to know about the past. It makes her dream, and she has a desire to share this enchantment with others. An author with a classical background, her inspiration for “Four Princesses from Provence” comes from her love for the great poet, Dante. His masterpiece, “Paradise,” mentions four daughters of the ruler of Provence, each of whom became a queen in various countries of Europe. Rogers also loves the period of the Middle Ages and had a desire to know more about this often neglected and misunderstood chapter in world history.

When asked about the best parts of her book, Rogers answered: “Since the time that I read about him during my school days, I have been a little in love with Manfred — the son of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick, and the man loved by Beatrice who is one of the four princesses and the protagonist of the book. Dante describes Manfred as ‘comely and fair, and gently of aspect.’ He would be a hero of any romantic story. Even his sins are forgiven by God and by Dante who placed him in Purgatory rather than in Hell (the Inferno).”

Rogers wants to bring the past to life by giving her readers an understanding of the historical context that shaped important events such as the Hundred Years War and the Crusades. Most of all, she hopes that they think about the underappreciated but crucial role that women played in shaping these events.

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Four Princesses from Provence
Written by Amelia Rogers
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Amelia Rogers has built on her knowledge of classical linguistics and European history with extensive travel to historical sites in Europe and the Middle East and research in archives in Paris and in the US. During her career, she has taught Latin, world history, and European literature at local colleges in Massachusetts and in Washington, D.C.

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