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Top Dating Coaches to Follow Who are Disrupting Their Industry – Announced by the Claudine Arthurs Agency

The Claudine Arthurs Agency is pleased to present The Top Dating Coaches to Follow Who are Disrupting Their Industry. “These…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

The Claudine Arthurs Agency is pleased to present The Top Dating Coaches to Follow Who are Disrupting Their Industry. “These dating coaches are at the forefront of a new relationship trend, they offer a great alternative to blind dating and endless swiping right,” says Arthurs.

Hiring a dating coach can be especially helpful if you’re getting back into dating after a divorce or breakup. There are many different kinds of dating coaches and specialties. To find the right dating coach, consider your goals and review the coaches below.

Megan Weks – Creator of the successful “The Manfunnel® Method”, certified Relationship Coach and sought-after media presenter Megan Weks, is championing the cause of high-achieving women who struggle with attracting a quality partner who meets their needs.

Megan’s Manfunnel® Method utilizes a specifically defined framework of strategies that is more akin to learning a new language including; Excited Man Babble™, Oxytocin Cloud™, The Exploratory Phase™, and The Art of Nexting™. These strategies build to create a new lifestyle that enables women to feel confident going into their dates, by offering scientific insight and understanding into the psychology and behaviors that men exhibit during the dating process.

Leveraging the experience gained in her high-pressure sales job, Megan thought to translate her strategies into the dating sphere, doing away with the linear dating methods that left her feeling stuck in a routine and out of time. And her methods work, many of her clients have announced their engagement or dream relationship soon after completing her program. Follow @themanfunnel.

Emily Freeman – Emily is a dating and love coach who empowers driven men to go from confused to confident in their love lives. She encourages men to stop using surface-level tactics that don’t work and instead, discover how to attract their ideal woman authentically.

Emily is known to get quickly to the root of her client’s issues in powerful and safe containers so they can transcend them and experience completely new realities in dating. Her extensive expertise in subconscious patterning, attachment theory, masculine and feminine energy, the law of attraction, and communication didn’t happen by accident. She was motivated to educate herself after experiencing firsthand how having subconscious blocks, an insecure attachment style, and limiting beliefs could make dating and love feel intense, complicated, and confusing.

One of the reasons her clients see so much success is because she has deep empathy and advocates for them every step of the way. After just a few minutes of talking with her, it’s apparent how she’s successfully helped dozens of CEOs, physicians, entrepreneurs, high-performing executives, and professionals. Emily skillfully coaches her clients on how to overcome their limiting beliefs, become their most empowered selves, and get the woman of their dreams. Follow @emilyfreemancoaching.

May Kalinu – Dating Coach & Matchmaker, May Kalinu, teaches high-value dating to successful men and women by building confidence and encouraging them to “Spoil Yourself First” or to get to know themselves first. May Kalinu, or Spoiled Girl™, specializes in providing a full-service luxury dating experience for time-conscious, successful, and affluent clientele.

May’s dating service includes coaching, prospect searching, date organizing, date follow-up, and client communication. May’s audience appreciates her refreshing take on dating through the lens of a woman of color. May is fast becoming a sought-after coach and media darling, having been featured on Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and on Tom Segura’s Podcast.  Follow @maykalinu.

Darya Chayko – A dedicated dating and relationship coach for women – Darya knows how frustrating dating can be. She spent years on dating apps, meeting over 100 men while trying to find “the one”. Eventually, she did find her husband, and in the process realized that dating is indeed a skill.

At the beginning of her dating journey, she chose incompatible men because she did not know how to qualify them. These were men who were unable to meet her needs, and who ended up growing distant.  It was these experiences that gave Darya first-hand experience of how to date effectively and show up as a high-value woman.

Darya put her knowledge and experience into her top program “How to Date Like a High-Value Woman” which includes practical and theoretical knowledge that will help you get closer to your dream relationship. You’ll learn things like; How to navigate the dating process (everything from dating profile tips to texting ideas, to conversation, do’s and don’ts), the 4-step formula for falling in love, and what makes men see you as commitment material. She works with clients 1-1 on a regular basis to help them meet their goals, to understand men and learn what drives them to commit. Follow @thewealthywonderwoman.

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