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Top Latina Speaker Gaby Natale to Keynote NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE 2022 Conference


By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Triple Daytime EMMY winning entrepreneur, speaker and bestselling author Gaby Natale will join NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE, the largest event in the U.S. that focuses on the New Mainstream Economy driven by the Latino community, as keynote speaker.

As one of L’Attitude distinguished 2022 keynote speakers, Natale joins an impressive lineup that includes President Barack Obama, award winning actor and director Lin-Manuel Miranda, on-air political analyst for MSNBC Anand Giridharadas and Voto Latino CEO Maria Teresa Kumar, among others.

“Embracing a PIONEER spirit, breaking barriers and representing my community has always been at the core of my mission. Building the New Mainstream Economy is not just theory to me. It is the story of my life. And now -as we experience an unprecedented demographic change at a global scale- it will be the story of many more. Five years and a pandemic later, I am thrilled to be return one more time to NAHREP’s main stage,” said Natale.

This year’s NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE event revolves around venture capital, wealth building, and real estate. Four days of programming focus on mindset, financial management, real estate, personal business performance, and business scaling.

Natale will have a double role as speaker and moderator as she will be delivering her keynote “Pioneer: Break Barriers and Scale Your Business” on Friday September 23rd and she will return to the main stage the following day to moderate “The NAHREP TOP 250”, a session honoring NAHREP’s Top 250 Latino agents. This is Gaby Natale’s second time joining NAHREP as keynote speaker.

Highlighting the powerhouse of Latino buying power, political capital, and technological innovation that is propelling the American economy forward, L’ATTITUDE encourages enlightened executives to invest in the Latino market. To advance the Hispanic Wealth Project and expand its message of financial empowerment to a broader audience, NAHREP has partnered with L’ATTITUDE to host NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE. Together, NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE is changing the narrative of who we are as a nation and who the drivers of growth are for the next few decades.

“Markets are changing rapidly and only those with the right access to capital and connections to power and influence will thrive. NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE 2022 is a must-attend event for those wanting to be part of unparalleled entrepreneurial energy and a celebration of the power and potential of Latino contributions to our economy and society. Join us in San Diego, September 22-25,” said Gary Acosta, NAHREP Co-Founder & CEO.

NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE 2022 will take place in San Diego September 22-25. Register today at

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