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TransMedia Group to Explain How USPA Nationwide Security Works, from Rescuing Kidnap Victims to Providing Witness Protection & Relocation Under Leadership of Former U.S. Marine

TransMedia Group to bring global media attention to USPA Nationwide Security CEO Daniel Manning and VP Brian Fitzgibbons, a former US…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

TransMedia Group to bring global media attention to USPA Nationwide Security CEO Daniel Manning and VP Brian Fitzgibbons, a former US Marine, and their international security firm’s effectiveness in utilizing a mixture of philanthropic giving and their network of 5000+ security contractors across the globe to defeat human trafficking and other egregious crimes against women and children.

“We intend to see that this elite team of security protection experts, investigators and former U.S. military service personnel receive the best media messaging our firm can deliver to highlight their brave and noble acts,” said TransMedia Group President, Adrienne Mazzone, herself a strong advocate for human rights.

“Our PR campaign will focus on USPA’s front-line management, letting the media know—when it’s safe to report—the many situations their team is involved in – providing firsthand outcomes from their dangerous missions and activities,” Mazzone added.

“We felt TransMedia Group’s energy and passion aligned with our team, which is why we quickly enlisted their PR expertise,” said Manning.

TransMedia plans to share firsthand accounts of human trafficking rescues and missing persons cases performed by USPA as well as the inner workings of their witness protection program. When safe to do so, USPA will provide access to person(s) protected under their witness protection program, with the proper security measures in place to protect the identity of interviewees.

“While there are many heroes in this world, we plan to put USPA’s many acts of bravery on centerstage with media for their courageousness in rescuing so many in over 16 countries around the world,” said Mazzone

TransMedia said it will create media awareness of USPA’s non-profit division, Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., investigating missing child cases, performing rescues of women and children from domestic violence and human trafficking as well as their philanthropic children’s school scholarships they’ve awarded and their work during the pandemic to help feed children of single mothers who were struggling.

“We’re honored to represent such a client performing almost daily so many brave acts from rescuing women and children, to protecting witnesses under the leadership of the bravest of them all, a former U.S. Marine,” said TransMedia Group CEO and founder Tom Madden, himself a proud veteran.