Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Triumphant Trio: Tech Training Transforms Lives in Groundbreaking Film

WorkingNation, a pioneering non-profit media organization with a focus on the future of work, is thrilled to announce the premiere…

WorkingNation, a pioneering non-profit media organization with a focus on the future of work, is thrilled to announce the premiere of “Glory in Overcoming”, the inaugural film in an upcoming series of short documentaries helmed by renowned director Melissa Panzer.

The highly-anticipated film offers an intimate account of three resilient women who have carved out rewarding careers in technology despite encountering significant obstacles like domestic violence, homelessness, and poverty.

The triumphant journeys of these women began with their involvement in the Goodwill® Digital Career Accelerator® training program, an innovative collaboration between Google, Goodwill, Accenture, and Coursera. Through this initiative, they managed to dramatically transform their circumstances, securing a brighter future for themselves and their offspring.

“Glory in Overcoming” is a testament to their unyielding tenacity and resilience, effectively showcasing the indomitable spirit that can surmount any challenge. The film paints a vivid picture of the extraordinary potential inherent in every individual, and the transformative power of job-training programs in providing access to meaningful, dignified, and well-compensated employment.

Goodwill Industries International CEO, Steven C. Preston, commended the women’s remarkable journeys, citing the film as a powerful reminder that individuals facing adversity are often on the brink of a significant breakthrough, given the right support. “Glory in Overcoming” encapsulates the emotional trajectory of these women as they tap into their inner strength, forging a better future for themselves.

Joan Lynch, WorkingNation’s Chief Content and Programming Officer and the Executive Producer of “Glory in Overcoming”, lauded the film as a compelling portrayal of the transformative power of professional training and the human potential for success.

The film’s official release will be celebrated at with a live launch event on YouTube featuring exclusive bonus footage and interviews. The release marks the first in a series of narratives highlighting individuals who have attained professional credentials through job-training programs, making it a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the power of resilience and the universal potential for success.

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