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Wealth Management Practice Management Guru Stephanie Bogan and her Limitless Advisor Coaching Program Make Commitment to Supporting Diversity

The financial advisor coaching program’s founder awards over $50,000 in coaching scholarships to underrepresented groups, signs Females and Finance pledge, and welcomes two new hires to her all-female team.

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

Stephanie Bogan, founder of Limitless Advisor Coaching, announced today the recipients of their inaugural,” I AM LIMITLESS” Diversity Scholarship which awarded over $50,000 in scholarships to financial advisors from underrepresented groups with both the need and desire to leverage Limitless coaching programs to take their firms to the next level.

Wealth Management Practice Management Guru Stephanie Bogan and her Coaching Program Make Commitment to Support Diversity

Limitless Advisor is a game-changing coaching program that helps financial advisors work with greater success and live with greater freedom.  Founded by Stephanie Bogan after un-retiring from the beach in Costa Rica in 2014, Limitless combines the best of Stephanie’s deep consulting expertise and executive coaching experience, advisor coaches applying practical applications, and a tight-knit community of growth-minded advisors committed to delivering deep value to clients, running excellent practices and creating success that comes with the time and freedom to enjoy it.  Learn more at