Friday, July 19, 2024
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Wheaton Precious Metals™ Smashes Corporate Gender Barriers: 2023 Annual Meeting Ushers in Historic Female Majority on Board


In a decisive move that challenges the status quo of corporate governance and diversity, Wheaton Precious Metals™ Corp. announced a historic shake-up in its Board of Directors during the 2023 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders. The significance of this realignment becomes immediately apparent with the election of Ms. Jeane Hull to the Board, a moment that not only adds another high-caliber talent to Wheaton’s governance team but also vaults the company past its gender diversity goals.

The election results come amid the notable absence of Mr. Eduardo Luna and Mr. John Brough, who opted not to stand for re-election. Their seats, emblematic of the boardrooms that have long been bastions of male predominance, will now have a different tenor. Ms. Hull, lauded for her technical and operational prowess, is welcomed as more than just a new member—she’s a herald of change.

George Brack, Chair of the Board, exuded palpable enthusiasm in his public remarks. “I am excited to welcome Jeane Hull to Wheaton’s Board of Directors. Ms. Hull brings a wealth of technical and operational experience that will no doubt make her an excellent addition to the Wheaton Board,” he said. Brack’s statement, however, wasn’t just a courteous welcome. It was a clarion call heralding a significant accomplishment: “With the addition of Ms. Hull, Wheaton has exceeded our stated diversity target of 30% female board members by 2024, with over 40% of the board now female.”

Wheaton’s achievement is more than a statistic; it’s a beacon in corporate governance that signals the rewriting of traditional norms. Meeting a diversity target might be seen by some as checking a box, but exceeding it—and well ahead of the 2024 deadline—illustrates the extent to which Wheaton is willing to recalibrate its leadership structure in pursuit of a more equitable future. The 40% female board composition places Wheaton in a vanguard of companies who are not just talking about diversity but living it.

It remains to be seen how this newfound balance will impact Wheaton Precious Metals™ Corp., a company that’s as invaluable for its contributions to the precious metals sector as it is for its governance now. Yet, as Ms. Hull takes her seat at the table, one thing is clear: Wheaton’s boardroom is not just made of precious metals, but also of precious mettle.

2023 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders Voting Results:

Nominee Votes For % For Votes Withheld % Withheld
George L. Brack 322,284,673 97.61 % 7,878,957 2.39 %
Jaimie Donovan 322,651,839 97.72 % 7,511,791 2.28 %
R. Peter Gillin 314,292,950 95.19 % 15,870,680 4.81 %
Chantal Gosselin 315,923,913 95.69 % 14,239,717 4.31 %
Jeane Hull 327,888,602 99.31 % 2,275,028 0.69 %
Glenn Ives 327,605,660 99.23 % 2,557,970 0.77 %
Charles A. Jeannes 306,763,045 92.91 % 23,400,585 7.09 %
Marilyn Schonberner 323,870,891 98.09 % 6,292,739 1.91 %
Randy V.J. Smallwood 327,027,044 99.05 % 3,136,586 0.95 %

The following special matter was also approved by shareholders at the 2022 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders.