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Willow Innovations Announces Entry Into Canada; Available Now, Willow Go™ Wearable Breast Pump Launches in Canada and Frees Moms from Cords and Tubes of Traditional Pumps

Already a U.S. bestseller, Willow Go™ offers a cord-free and hands-free pumping experience to help busy moms pump with ease and comfort

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 2, 2022

Willow Innovations, Inc. (Willow), the Femtech leader disrupting the pumping industry with best-in-class technology, announces its entry into Canada. Willow revolutionized how new moms feed their babies by inventing the in-bra wearable breast pump category, allowing mothers to break free from being plugged into the wall and pump hands-free.

Now more moms can cut the cords from traditional pumps for unparalleled pumping freedom. Willow Go™ is officially available in Canada!

A powerful, double-electric breast pump, Willow Go offers an all-in-one design that is completely free of cords, dangling bottles, and tangled tubes! Offering maximum- power suction for effective pumping, Willow Go is sleek and fits completely in-bra to allow moms to pump, untethered, wherever life takes them.

“Our newest pump, Willow Go, has transformed the pumping category. Moms love the power, ease of use, and freedom the pumps offer, and we are thrilled to bring this much-needed technology to moms in Canada,” said Willow CEO Laura Chambers. “For far too long, busy moms have had to settle for clunky pumps and compromise between their breastfeeding goals or the ability to go about their day and focus on what matters most. With Willow Go, we are introducing a pump that fits into your life, not the other way around. Willow Go is a game-changing alternative to conventional pumps, delivering on both performance and convenience. Pumping can be one of the most challenging early motherhood experiences, and we at Willow are proud to reinvent solutions to enable feeding success.”

Willow Go is an effective and comfortable double-electric pump system featuring:

Willow’s mission is to build solutions for moms’ most meaningful problems. Through the Canadian launch of Willow Go, Willow is empowering more moms to “cut the cord” and reclaim the freedom to live life with both hands. Willow Go is available now at for CAD 499.99.

Visit to learn more about Willow Go and Willow Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 2014, Willow Innovations, Inc. forever changed the way women pump with the world’s first and only spillproof, in-bra wearable breast pump. Today, the Femtech company is on a mission to build solutions to moms’ most meaningful problems through a wide range of products, pumps, and accessories. Visit Willow online and follow #withWillow on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

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1 According to November 2022 survey, on average moms reported they pump with Willow Go more than 75% of the time.