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World Peace is Inseparable from the Power of Motherhood: Panel Discussion Held in Olympia London to Promote Xue Mo’s Works

The “Literature Witnesses Feminine Power” panel discussion, co-organized by Sinomedia International Group and renowned writer Xue Mo, achieved success at…

By Girl Power News , in News , at April 25, 2023

The “Literature Witnesses Feminine Power” panel discussion, co-organized by Sinomedia International Group and renowned writer Xue Mo, achieved success at the London Book Fair on April 19, 2023. During the panel discussion, Xue Mo emphasized the significance of motherhood power and its vital role in world peace. He said,

“In general, humanity includes two opposing aspects: divinity and barbarity. They are just like two sides of the same coin. Women tend to embody the power of divinity, as the most precious inner quality of women is motherhood. Hence, motherhood encompasses many crucial characteristics of divinity, such as selflessness, devotion, and love.”

“I believe the world will be a more peaceful place if motherhood takes center stage, since no mother would wish to see her child harmed in war. In the contrary, men may cruelly take millions of lives by initiating violence and bloodshed when they always surrender to their own barbarity. Why is that so? Because women yearn for love, whereas men aspire for violence or power. In today’s world, women’s voice is still much less heard than men’s. As a consequence, this planet is always occupied with wars, bloodshed, and violence. When the feminine wisdom and love truly arise the world as the sun, the light of peace will break through darkness and shine upon us eventually,” he added.

This year, Xue Mo is reported as the only Chinese writer who owns an independent booth at the Fair. Last year, during the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair, writer Xue Mo ranked No.1 in the shortlist of the top topics in the international media, who even outshone the Spanish Guest of Honor and became the most talked-about figure.

His award-winning book Into the Desert was a collaborative translation by Howard Goldblatt, a preeminent American sinologist and translator of Chinese literature, as well as his wife Dr. Sylvia Li-chun Lin, adapted from two volumes of Xue Mo’s Desert Trilogy: White Tiger Pass and Desert Rites. Set in the 90s of China, Into the Desert tells a story of two sisters-in-law crossing the desert by camels to find hope, seek freedom and pursue dreams. This award-winning novella is a fascinating adventure story which may serve as an inspiring guide for readers to navigating their life challenges and winning through all difficulties. Some people even believe that it is more engaging than the iconic film Thelma and Louise.

Xue Mo has published 105 literary and culture-themed works in Chinese so far. Apart from English, Xue Mo’s works have also appeared in French, German and more than three dozen other languages, reaching a large international readership.

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