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Zulily Announces Special Delivery

In collaboration with Little Millie, new moms and influencers Jessica Nickson and Noelle Downing, put their spin on an assortment of apparel styles for newborns and moms

By Girl Power News , in News , at September 9, 2022 Tags: , , , , ,

Online retailer Zulily debuts an exclusive capsule collection of apparel and soft goods for babies and moms featuring designs from fashion influencers, Jessica Nickson and Noelle Downing. Bringing their personal style and point-of-view to the project, Jessica and Noelle were uniquely qualified for this undertaking as they’re also both new moms. So, while the collection is fun and fashionable, it’s also steeped in versatility and quality that new moms crave. The result is an assortment, from sleepwear to bibs, and even robes for mom, that includes the essential items to make the first few months as a family more comfortable, day or night. The collection launches today and is available through September 29, with more than 170 styles ranging in price from $8.99 to $46.99.

With the myriad of emotional and physical changes that take place throughout pregnancy and postpartum, moms and babies need products that can transition with them, meaning adaptability and functionality are imperative. “Those first few months after you bring your baby home are incredibly intense as you navigate everything from sleeping and feeding schedules, to acclimating as a new family. Finding products that fit into your life and can flex with you, and your baby’s, ever-changing needs is what I love about this new collection,” explains co-designer and influencer Noelle. Jessica adds, “The pieces can standalone but also work incredibly well together and they’re so versatile and cute, precisely what a new mom, like myself and Noelle, is looking for during the first few months.”

With more than 20 trends across 170 styles from woodland creatures, to hearts, stars and stripes, gingham and more, the exclusive collection, in collaboration with Little Millie, is full of styles for baby and some matching surprises for mom – making shopping that much easier. Now, moms can shop the exclusive Zulily x Little Millie Collection featuring Jessica Nickson and Noelle Downing‘s capsule collections through September 29 with free shipping on all orders of $89 and above.

For more information on the collection, visit Zulily’s The Find.