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Alife Launches New AI Platform to Optimize IVF

A first-of-its-kind software platform, Alife Assist™ utilizes data-driven insights and AI to optimize and support clinical decision-making during ovarian stimulation, embryo grading, and overall operations

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Alife Health announced the launch of its Alife Assist platform today. This new suite of products aims to help fertility clinics utilize and leverage data-driven insights and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize and support clinical decision-making during critical stages of the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process, as well as streamline overall clinic operations. This marks the company’s official entry into the clinical market after conducting two years of research and development with its notable list of clinic partners, advisors, and investors.

“I founded Alife because I knew that AI has the potential to drastically impact the IVF process. Yet, as we began to work with fertility clinics around the country, we quickly identified a parallel opportunity for improvement: the need for a central platform to digitize clinic workflow and support collective decision-making. Our team is thrilled to launch Alife Assist™, a first-of-its-kind product suite that optimizes the IVF process from end-to-end,” says Paxton Maeder-York, CEO of Alife. “Together, our products will help clinics harness the power of AI and advanced analytics to streamline their workflow and bring a more personalized experience to their patients.”

“AI has enormous potential to help inform our decisions as clinicians. When it comes to patient care decision making, the more data and information, the better. If we can harness the knowledge of thousands of past patient cycles from clinics around the world, we can make more informed choices about the patient sitting right in front of us,” says Louis Weckstein, MD.

The Alife Assist™platform is made up of three robust products that are supported by the team’s scientific research and collaboration with top clinics:

Alife Assist™ is now available for IVF clinics in the United States. For those interested in exploring Alife Assist™ further, email [email protected] to learn more or schedule a product demo at

Alife’s mission is to modernize and personalize the IVF process with cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to improve outcomes and care for all. The company has built a consortium of partnerships with the top clinics and most renowned physicians to bring significant clinical improvements to patients globally. Founded by Paxton Maeder-York in 2020, the company is based in San Francisco and backed by top tier venture capital investors including Lux Capital, Union Square Ventures, and Maveron. To learn more visit

Jamie Gray, [email protected]

Alife is continuing to conduct research to support its product development and further its goal of improving success rates and fertility care for all. Click here to read recent published studies to learn how AI models may help optimize IVF outcomes.