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Global Catalytic Ministries Is Raising $2 Million to Provide Critical Funds for Iran

Rampant civil unrest is providing ample opportunities for GCM to spread the Gospel and necessary provisions through the underground church….

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

Rampant civil unrest is providing ample opportunities for GCM to spread the Gospel and necessary provisions through the underground church.

Protests have sparked a worldwide youth movement, as the Western world sees the realities of life in Iran through social media and YouTube. Videos of young Iranians knocking turbans off clerics’ heads in rebellion to the regime and its form of Islam have spread across the globe. Worldwide youth support for the movement grows daily. Even famous Tik Tok personalities are joining the conversation. Samuel Abraham Perez (TikTok: @samuelabrahamp, Discord: and David Latting (TikTok: @davidlatting1, Discord: are discussing the topic with younger Westerners.

“When these recent events began to happen in Iran I…became very upset and lost my peace. Then I read the story of Christ and then I understood who he was and why he came. It became clear to me why God kept me,” states one underground leader. Stories like this are being shared more and more. As Iranians witness the brutality and ill-treatment of their government leaders, they are looking for true peace.

With the help of generous donors and the leading of the Holy Spirit, GCM has helped plant 824 underground churches in over 112 cities across Iran. The church isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving in the turmoil. In fact, over the last 2 months as Iran has been divided by protests, Iranian underground church leaders have planted 5 new churches and launched 50 new Bible study groups. Instead of unifying to topple the government, these groups are gathering to pray for their enemies and heal from past pains and trauma. It is only through full reliance on God and the power of the Holy Spirit they are able to do this.

“The Lord is moving in the pain and anger of the Iranian people,” shares Pastor X, an underground church leader. “How are we walking with people hurt by the protests? We are first loving them to Christ. We befriend them, crying with them when they are crying, and then taking them on a journey to heal them of the emotional, physical, or even psychological hurt caused by the protests and violence.”

Please consider supporting the underground church. Help our indigenous core Disciple-Makers to disciple, bring relief, train, and plant churches in Iran. To learn more about the movement happening in the Iranian underground church, watch Sheep Among Wolves Volume II. You can also partner with GCM in expanding their disciple-making ministry by visiting Your generosity will help provide food, medical supplies, and secure communication to connect with the global church, and more.

Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is a leader in the disciple-making movement in the Middle East, rapidly transforming Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ by means of intentional disciple making, church planting, relief, and leadership development. The documentary, “Sheep Among Wolves Volume 2“, exposes the experiences of GCM underground church leaders as true sheep among wolves.