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The State of Woman’s Rights Through the Lens of Motherhood Explored in New Documentary ‘BORN FREE’ Illuminating Why The U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate Is Highest in the Developed World 

By Girl Power News , in News , at November 10, 2022

The Mother Lovers

Despite having the most expensive healthcare in the world, the number of women experiencing both pregnancy and childbirth complications in the US has increased 31.5 percent since 2014 (Blue Cross/Blue Shield Study). Many women during pregnancy and childbirth experience post-traumatic stress disorder, emergency surgery, extreme anxiety issues and bankruptcy. For the 1 in 1,000 women who have high risk pregnancies, complications often arise due to lack of informed choice, medical overreach, and sometimes abuse, and this disproportionately affects women of color.

“As a former magazine editor, I’ve spent my entire life telling stories to women through the pages of glossy magazines. But nothing quite as vital as the stories shared in BORN FREE,” notes film director/producer Paula James-Martinez. “After all the research I did when expecting my daughter, I turned to my husband aghast with how mothers were being treated in the United States. A country with one of the highest costs of birth in the world, yet the developed worlds’ only rising mortality rate. He said, ‘do something about it.’ Thus began my journey with BORN FREE.”

In BORN FREE, filmmaker Paula James Martinez, travels across the US to understand what makes it the most dangerous and most expensive nation in the developed world to give birth in. From heartbreaking personal stories to harrowing facts and the words of experts both in the medical and legal fields, BORN FREE shines a light on the true cost of giving birth in the US. Featured in the documentary are maternal health advocates including Christy Turlington, Chanel Porchia-Albert, Charles Johnson, Senator Tammy Duckworth, Senator Joe Kennedy and more who discuss the impact of current medical system standards and ultimate failure for those who experience traumatic pregnancies. Shot with an all-female crew, the documentary raises an important discussion to guide improvement in maternal health care and reincorporating traditional maternal support such as midwives and doulas that have proven effective in improving pregnancy and childbirth outcomes. It was produced by Semi Retired Films and Digital Harvest Media. More information: